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2 Oscars for Chennai boy AR Rehman, 1 for Gulzar and 1 oscar for Resul Pookkutti, 1 for Smile Pinky – And what ‘Jai Ho!’ means….

February 23, 2009

Vow!   I saw the entire Oscar Award ceremony live in TV today and what a feat!

Our Chennai man Rehman won 2 oscars as espected and how!

What Rehman said on winning the first award:  He thanked his musicians in Chennai and Mumbai – the city called Chennai was thus mentioned in Academy Awards ceremony in LA, USA!

And next he uttered a tamizh sentence, “Ella pugazhum iraivanukke” which are his famous last words in all his interviews meaning, “all glory be to God”  A tamizh sentence being spoken at such a grand occasion while the whole world watched is a tribute to entire tamil community in all parts of the world – that’s how i feel.  Rehman has won BAFTA awards, Golden Globe awards and now Oscar awards – and he has thus put Chennai, tamil and India on world map so deftly.

The suprise no.1 was Rehman shared his award no. 2 for best song ‘Jai Ho’ with Hindi lyricist Gulzar, a very old and respected man in Bollywood.   A hindi/indian lyricist being honoured thus is the first time in Indian history.

Surprise no.2 was Resul Pookkutty from Kerala who won the oscar for Sound effects.  Resul could not believe his ears and dedicated the award to ‘my country India.’  Resul said surprisingly, ‘all sounds of the world came from one word ‘Om.”

Another movie based in India, ‘Smile Pinky’ silently won another oscar for short documentary film category.  However i have read about it in ‘Hindu.’

Seeing Anil Kapoor, Irfan Khan, Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and everyone else in the Slumdog team at the oscar awards warmed my heart.

A performance by Rehman and his troupe on the stage between the 2 awards came as the last pleasant surprise.

What ‘Jai Ho’/”Jaya Ho’ means:

‘Jai Ho’ means ‘let victory be.’ or ‘win’ or ‘success’ – a sanskrit word that is.

Indian national anthem finishes with the words ‘Jaya he, jaya he, jaya jaya jaya jaya he’ – and was selected as the best national anthem in the world for its tune and rhythm sometime back.
Until today, all u have to do is hear it play to get your spirits up.

In fact, the  oft-repeated slogan in India are, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Hind.’  ‘Jai Hind’ is always the flag salute.   Or what is said when a speech is closed on any stage.

What makes Jayalalitha Jayaram, our ex-cm of tamizh naad, the 3rd most powerful woman in India after Sonia Gandhi and Mayawati?   I do believe Jaya’s name gives her that sheer power and combined with another powerful name ‘Lalitha’ (shakthi), her nama gives her a very potent personality.   That is why men don’t even sit before her when talking to her.  Those piercing eyes, the slicing tongue that speaks no nonsense, the towering personality  – she is an apt description for her name indeed.

Another Jaya i adore is Jaya (Baduri) Bachan – an epitome of patience, who is one very successful lady in life today.    Not that she’s in anyway inferior to Amithab – whether u can find anyone of her calibre in bollywood today is a question mark.    I’ve read about Amitabh’s voyeurs in bollywood, and still she stayed around and finally steered him towards her.   In ‘Coffee with Karan’, she once came with Shahrukh Khan.  SRK said, “Jayaji, u are a winner.    What u have achieved is impossible.  And through all this, u raised 2 wonderful children Abhishek Bachan and Swetha.”

Jai is the word u find everywhere in Asia.   In Malaysia, this sanskrit word is so commonly used even in naming state structures (such as Cyberjaya and Putrajaya).  And there are urban city centres (like Petaling Jaya) too.   First time i read these names there, blood rushed to my face.

This word is also so much used in Sri Lanka by sinhalese who have names such as ‘Jayawardane’ , ‘Jayasurya’ etc.

In short, through out Asia including Nepal and Bangladesh, ‘Jai’ is a word that is so commonly used to mean victory.

The name has a positive effect on whoever has it – including my sis – so far as i’ve seen.   U feel positive vibration wherever this name is used.   I’ve never seen my sis Jay say, “i can’t do this, i can’t do that!”

Like, a friend of mine, still refuses to call me ‘Viji’ and calls me ‘Vijayalaksmi’  each time so painstakingly bcoz she insists, the name imports such a power.  On her advice, i stopped calling my son by his pet name and have been calling him by his full name ‘Shri Raam’ everytime since.

It is only so right that ‘Jai ho’ has won the first 2 oscars for indian music and has created history.  It is precisely for using such a powerful word while composing this song that hindi lyricist Gulzar has been awarded an Oscar that he shares with AR Rehman (for the song ‘Jai Ho.’)

‘Jai Ho!’ – it was Subbhash Ghai, one of most successful bollywood producers,  who suggested to AR Rehman to use this phrase in the song to mean endless optimism.

Jai HO AR Rehman, Jai Ho Pookkutti, Jai HO Chennai, Jai Ho Tamizh and Tamil Nadu, and Jai HO Hindustan!


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