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Mrithyunjaya Mantra

October 29, 2009

Mrithyunjaya Mantra:  (a vedic age sanskrit sloka (prayer) for Lord Shiva – this sloka is a part of the Rudra Japa, within the Rig Veda, oldest of all 4 Vedas – so this makes the mantra atleast 4000 years old, so very ancient!)

Om Tryambhakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam |
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat ||

This is an important Mantra i chant everyday to Lord Shiva.  11 times a day.   Much more whenever i feel like.

This is a powerful mantra, recited for 1000s of years in this country –

Mrithyu = death;     jaya= victory   ;     so this mantra is to INCREASE OUR AYUSH (LIFE LINE) to FULL. as it literally means victory over mortality.  (so this is also called the ‘Sanjeevini mantra’  – sanjeevini means immortality)

So this mantra is supposed to ward off all evil forces that might try to curtail our lives.   This mantra is supposed to grant us longevity.   Coz, more than ever, world is becoming a dangerous jungle to live in.    Life today is a very risky business.

Ofcourse i am a strong believer in karma  & destiny;

Still this is a little bit on my part to protect those who i care for – in my own way..  (with this simple reciting of the mantra – VERY SINCERELY tho’).   I feel it is like a magic talisman – only invisible.

Meaning of Maha Mrithyunjay Mantra (from Rudra Japa, Rig Veda)

Just as the cucumber  (urvarukamiva) severs itself from the creeper (bandhan = relationships/attachments)  on its own, only when it is FULLY RIPE  (maam = fruit; amritaat = fully ripe & sweet  – sweet in the sense, full ripe ready for plucking) (in old age & by nature) (and not kacha/raw  (unripened/young)),

-Oh three-eyed Lord, (2 eyes are mortal, human eyes – third one is the spiritual eye in the centre of His forehead which is not seen)  (thrayambakam, yajamahe)

Fragrant nourisher (sugandhim) of (my) healthy body (pushti = healthy, vardhanam = body),

(please) let me be blessed to attain liberation (this severing/separation – from my mortal attachments) (mokshya = muksheeya = eternal bliss/liberation from mortal things ie.,   mrithyu = death) the same way too.

How meaningful & most relevant this is to present day lifestyle where from highway driving to catching a flu at school – everything is risky?   As i grow older, I get more anxious than ever before about the welfare of people around me …  bcoz my happiness in life is directly tied to their wellbeing & happiness.    Well, its not a phobia and am certainly not as paranoid as i might sound here – only i am sure every human nurtures such an insecure feeling deep down her/his heart…

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