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3 Idiots

February 19, 2010

Watching right now with my son…. but i don’t like it….. I am a serious academic person…. As a parent, i know whatever we want for our kids is for their better/best future only. My son need not have to give us a single rupee; but he has to have a good life by himself. As a parent, its our duty to ensure that. How many can actually successfully become a wildlife photographer or a full-time cricketer? Its all ok as a hobby; but as someone from a family which accords highest priority to academics, i don’t like this movie.. Its bad influence on kids… That student suicide scene has upset me. Watching it with my son made it even worse. If teenagers today don’t possess even that mental strength, what’s the use of all education? Its out & out a bad scene. (not just 2 suicides = one suicide attempt is also included in the picture. horrible. AK shd be crucified for setting this bad precedent to youngsters of this nation & also for trying to blackmail us parents emotionally. This is unacceptable) Agreed, there are student suicides even in Chennai. But that’s by the weaker ones. Still Aamir Khan is better than Shahrukh. Atleast he makes an attempt to say something. The movie is not yet over. We have given a break..

Down south we give more importance to academics than north. While in north they opt for commerce & arts, south mostly produces doctors, engineers & scientists who do all the tough work. We don’t open a fashion boutique here like in Mumbai; but u get top class doctors & software professionals. I don’t like our education system being mocked at.

Also today’s world is tough; for that, children need to be equipped this way. Its for their own survival. One thing i cannot compromise is on my son’s education.   Advantages of growing up in India:    taking crowded city buses to school, not getting  used to cozy comforts of a fully airconditioned home or a big car, getting the  feel of getting acclimatized to the heat & dust of his native land will equip our children to the best so that they can survive easy in any part of the world.  Facing the stiff competition here – not running away from that is of immense importance, vital for survival in today’s rat-race world   . This will stand our youngsters in good stead in future, toughening them up all the way.

So i don’t think we have to regret that our kids are growing up in not comfortable conditions like in foreign countries.   The competitive atmosphere we have here in India for children is good for them, not harmful.

Whatever parents do – is for their children’s sake. One day i am sure our children will understand that. I don’t believe in alternative careers like fashion designing or advertisement agencies or full time arts/music. Many of our friends are experts in everything – but have a steady working career.

May be all that fashion statements & advt agencies will suit the super-rich, but we are middle-class folks who want to ensure a safe & steady income for our household/family. I don’t like this subject of movie one bit.

Not denying that i am enjoying the film… just saying i have a diff opinion on this subject.

Ok today if i leave my son on a free rein & he turns up into a mediocre adult than an achiever, won’t he blame me for not pushing him fiercer? I think i will be failing in my duty if i don’t ensure serious academic qualification for my son. He also has to have a face amongst his peers right?

Everyone cannot be Sachin Tendulkar or AR Rahman. REst of us have to work for our food.

What’s wrong abt engineering? Even my FIL was an electrical engineer – during his time, he introduced electricity with his own hands to many rural tamil naad villages in the 1960s. Isn’t that something we shd be proud of?

My first foreign visit was to Malaysia. From airport, my H straightaway drove me to Cheras-Kajang expressway which was their team project then. By the time we went home, i was dead tired. My son was asleep in my lap. We were so so hungry – but this beatiful creation gave us so much happiness.   We had to see it first together and it mattered to us so much.  How can movie guys get to know what this means?

Again – how doctors slog –  we all know.   Think of your doc going on frequent vacations.

Someone related to us  – runs heat treatment plants in 4 diff places in the state. A very successful small scale industrialist. Has over 500 men working for him. 500 families are eating food becoz of him. And he’s a mech engineer.  Isn’t this something to be proud of?

(now going back to the movie)

AK showed us his perverse side with that birth scene i guess. Which is not only totally unwarranted but also offends my dignity as a woman. Such a sacred and special moment in every mother’s life – should it be cheapened & commercialised like this? I wanted to fast fwd it but my son looked me in the eye and said, ‘i want to see it!”

I am sure that’s the point they’ve discussed in their class – and he asked me very smartly, ‘so this was the way i was also born with so much hair in my head?!’ I wanted to jump right into a well – but said ‘yes.’

Another thing: the bit on the US guy Ramalingam – is a direct spoof on we Madrasis what else? But i take it in light spirit – i have to when i also enjoy Sardarji jokes so much. AFter ‘Quick Gun Murugan’ any spoof on us southeners fails to impress me.

But in a way, Aamir also shows the academic orientation of the south indians. In ‘Taare Zameer Par’ he shows a handicapped boy Rajan Damodaran as a studious boy as a tribute to us Madrasis. He never fails to include either Siddharth or Madhavan, both being tamil actors. So i take this Ramalingam from Uganda educated in Pondicherry (now called Puducherry, 200 km from Chennai – beach town) in a hearty way. Its also true we southerners are not comfortable with hindi. Even those of who can speak it chew & spit it. Shudh hindi especially is a big problem for us. That was nicely used of by the director. I really enjoyed that. But these days, hindi is actually sanskritised like anything. The hindi my son learnt upto std. 10 was not hindi but sanskrit mostly that he failed to absorb colloquial hindi. As a result my son can read & write hindi but his grasp over the language is poor still.

Then, going to US – why are we indians doing it? If everything is ok in this nation, why should anyone want to migrate? USA is the land of opportunities, over 95% a land of immigrants, what else.  So why shouldn ‘t we want to migrate there?  What’s wrong if some of us Indians want to join there?   What has the director got against Indians wanting to migrate to US?   Brain drain, agreed.   But there is more mockery here than just anger or reason.

Another spoof is praying to Go Matha (cow) & Sarbh (snake) for passing the exams – which also i am taking in a lighter vein. In fact i wouldn’t even notice it if not for some great protests & fatwas issued by other communities whenever they’re even slightly ticked off like this.

Lastly: some people genuinely have aptitude for science & math only. My H views commerce as the dullest & useless subject – saying its not productive. Opinions differ from person to person. My son is also naturally inclined towards phy/chem/math only. He luvs chemical equations & math & physics prob solving. He finds history & arts most boring & dry, lifeless subjects. Being an academic is no crime. If not for science, would we be having computers or internet today?

3 Idiots are really 3 Idiots only. But i luved the humour of the black & white scenes with Raju’s family! REal good sense of humour there. Mocking the college principal movie after movie – also i don’t approve of.

The film also starts on an illegal/unapproving note – like forcing an aircraft to return. From looting the question papers to p…ing everywhere – by the students – u cannot set a worse precedent for today’s college-goers. To my shock, my son was enjoying all this…

Perhaps Aamir Khan has a grudge against schools/colleges? Perhaps he failed in his board exams miserably?

But i have to give it to him for making an off-beat successful movie.

Again Aamir Khan or Saif or Salman or Ahishek Bachchan for that matter have/had illustrious daddies (as either producers or lead heroes) so life is cake walk for them. Would AK ever preach if he had to tough it everyday out like rest of us masses?


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