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The Hurt Locker

April 26, 2010

Excellent filming of ground situation in Iraq. I’ve always had only the greatest respects for the Goras and this pic has proved i am right. None to beat them – they’re uncrowned kings of this world. What’s the probs in accepting what’s truth?

The mindless suicide bombing and vast scale of destruction in this middle eastern nation (Iraq) appalls me – numbs me. This should happen nowhere. I don’t want to delve into reasons for this state of affairs. Whatever it is, it should not simply prevail.

Tragedy is, i had to see it in installments – with countless breaks. Coz i can’t sit here taped to my system. Got so many other errands to do at the same time. Finally finished this pic.

May be if i had seen it at one go, the impact would have been greater.

Again, the total state of anarchy and the breakdown of a system/nation shocks & grieves me totally. I am more touched that way. The landscape reminds me of Qatar. All middle eastern countries are like this i can see. Even in Qatar, the dryness always overwhelms me. After i come back, i am always able to appreciate some very petty, smaller nicer things back home which i used to take for granted otherwise.

Very realistic & scary. But is this necessary? I feel one enormous sadness only now….

By the way, i googled & found the meaning of ‘The Hurt Locker’ – which means ‘someone blown in explosion.’ War vernacular in Iraq used by US Army this is. ‘hurt’ means harmful – ‘locker’ means box – might be referring to IEDs that the bomb disposal man James specializes in.

Earlier i thought its the name of a man.

Again – we should see this NOWHERE ON EARTH.

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