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June 29, 2010

Seen lots of hollywood romances – but always wanted to see this one. But having seen so many (to which am addicted – i think this is one form of maturity or coming of age; in school days i used to finish one Mills & Boon per day hiding it under the desk; now guess i’ve graduated from books to movies thats all)

Anyway – i always wanted to see this one – so am also a bit disappointed. (coz there are too many now like this) But i like that word ‘Serendipty.’ Reminds me of so many other movies like ‘Fools rush in’, (when so many visible/obvious ‘signs’ keep crossing/staring at hero’s face for instance. That way its easily judgeable – i mean its easy guess work. Still I TOO BELIEVE & TRUST IN MY INTUITION FIRST. Being over- obsessive, impulsive & emotional when it comes to searching for something like in this picture might make absolutely no sense to 3rd persons but somehow i can relate to the hero (john cusack)’s way of thinking.  I can feel his heart. (I mean his eyes are perpetually moist right thro’ the film. Its very touchy. Still there is so much of good humour. Its a good mix. ) (heroine is kate beckinsale)…. And basically i just luv romances – so i luv this pic.  Good mood enhancer. Also there is this ‘feel good’ factor. I feel refreshed.

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