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July 3, 2010

Too late to write a review i think – this one is 10 yrs old; always missed it in tv; or used to snatch up in bits & pieces;


Beautiful, beautiful film. Don’t know why we can’t make one such a good subject here either in bollywood or tamil film industry. This morning saw a song featuring Kareena & Shahid Kapur in a sequel to ‘jab we met.’ Disgusted. Is this what is called romance. After seeing the plastics of bollywood, i was really moved to see some real mature story & adult understanding in this great family pix. Tamil movies have some such stories – but nothing to beat Hollywood.

Johny Depp is awesome (hes a drifter in this pic).  Even in hollywood, the routine is having 2 young people fall in luv. This one is good. Both the hero & the heroine are single parents.   Heroine Juliet Binochet is a radical/rebel in this story.  Its not rebellious attitude actually. People who are on their own for longer period of time than others become so fiercely independent.   The film is set in the year 1959 in a french village, and considering the period of the film, we could take her attitude to be radical perhaps.

But this is not a full romance story. Its more abt the attitude of a community. Honestly my society is like this even today. I just hate this moral policing. BS.

I am cutting & pasting the final church sermon from the pic here:

I think we can’t go around…
measuring our goodness by what we don’t do.
By what we deny ourselves…
what we resist and who we exclude.
I think we’ve got to measure goodness…
by what we embrace…
what we create…

BEautiful film. I recommend for everyone. Once again i am saying here, THAT HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDE OF SOME PEOPLE IS NOTHING BUT BS TO ME. Complete jerks

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