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Life is Beautiful

July 20, 2010

Long pending movie that i saw finally only today. Actually yday. Opening scenes i missed that i caught up this afternoon on U-tube. LONG LIVE U-TUBE. Hero: Roberto Begnini or whatever. Original version: italian. I knew this film won academy awards – but didn’t know that it was in the year as back as 1999.

First half is slapstick romance which i could guess easy – but the second half was too good. Speaks of attitude towards life. Right, thats the way to live. I hate that cynic outlook some people have here. Always cautious, guarded. I like this innocent believing attitude in the world & positive approach.

Dad-son relationship is beautifully captured in this picture which is what i luv most. I am seeing such a beauty in so many families around me even today…  and may I say, whatever a mother might do for a son, its dad who is the ultimate hero for boys atleast.

So what a beautiful relationship this dad-son thing is. So hearty to look at. Mutual respect & luv …   unique in its own way i guess…



In the film, how dad keeps his little inquisitive son interested thro’ out the picture in life – hiding the prevailing horrors from his childish eyes is very touchy…. ( Not just dads, that what even moms do.)

The games they play – u can’t make life more beautiful than this, given the circumstances. Happiness is in our hands. Do we need more proof?

When the actual tank comes to take Joshua, the son of Guido, a child of mere 4 years and he exclaims, ‘its true!’ – i felt a drop of tear running down my cheek.

So thats what parents luv is. Children might not realise it then – but years later they WILL as Joshua discovers in his life someday




Finally, i have to give it to the director of this picture, for downplaying the war scenario & painting a rosy picture of that gloomy environment. World war II was all over the film – but i hardly felt it. It was that beautiful slice of life that i relished heartily and missed the distracting grey background which was cleverly pushed aside by good script/story telling.. Thats scores a big victory for director-cum-hero Roberto Benini.

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