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August 2, 2010

Saw ‘Disclosure’ finally, starring Michael Douglas & my fave, fave actress Demi Moore. Luved her like anything in both ‘Ghost’ & ‘Indecent Proposal.’ (luv that pottery scene of Ghost – omg, so much sentimental & indian in flavour!). Also luv her coz shes married to another fave star of mine – Ashton Kutcher (whose film ‘A lot like luv’ is my all-time fave). (can’t believe Patrick Swayze is no more either – luved him so very much in ‘Dirty dancing.”

Well one more thing i forgot to add; I JUST LUV THAT HUSKY VOICE OF DEMI MOORE. Its so… se…y i feel always. Its different & may be thats why i also feel shes different from others.

Anyway, seen this pic many times in bits & snatches – but saw it fully today atlast, atlast. Demi Moore is matchless. OMG – i am already a big fan of her, but first time am seeing her like in a villainous role.

Its abt se…l harassment at work place – in this case, the victim is a male, Michael Douglas. How devious women can get if they wanna do it – this film clearly shows.

Scene might be changed, but totally different dowry harassment cases are filed the same way against young husbands in my place. I know how much men are victimised by women also. Coz, all that a woman has to file is a police complaint that her husband has slapped her or has forced her into something she doesn’t want or has demanded dowry – there might be ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH IN THAT OR EVEN EVIDENCE – still, thats enough to ruin a man’s life completely in India. Max sentence is 7 years RI. Quite a few false cases are filed every year. We all know that.

Abt any woman harassing a man that way as shown in this pic – its not an entire/distinct possibility as of now atleast in my society. Think so. But sure it will happen at the rate our next gen is progressing. Mark my words.

One thing that always works in favour of a woman is: HER TEARS. Also, the benefit of doubt always goes to a woman over man – east or west.

In this film, i like the virtual tour of the latest CD drive by the Digicom the best. Its great. Well, isn’t it true, even this is nothing today? technology surpasses itself every second.

I like the film for the off-beat theme – using a male victim instead of the usual female one is a nice surprising change that hints at an element of mystery – but i feel the over-technicalization (like some detailed scenes on tech stuff ) could have been avoided by a stronger script. This is believable, conceivable storyline alright – but i would welcome anyday a victory in conventional Enquiry Room for the victim – with clinching paper evidence & convincing arguments.. Technical proofs somehow make it more fictional & more celluloid.

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