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Memoirs of a Geisha

August 9, 2010

Seen this pic many times – but saw it once again this noon. Very long film – runs for over 2.30 hrs, so requires patience – PATIENCE OF A HOUSEWIFE LIKE ME FOR INSTANCE!

Well i can watch this movie & understand 100% every word even without subtitles hahaha. Asian English u see! (by subtitles i mean, english subtitles only. cmon i am not that bad to require tamil subtitles. mostly HBO/ Zee studio/ Star movies/ Sony Pix all give english subtitles)

Mesmerising picture – i would like to read the original book which is the base for this pic.

Moving storyline that never fails to captivate my heart everytime i see it – i have read abt Geishas but its very sad to note that just 50-60 yrs back, there were still a lot of them in Japan. What a miserable life. Reminds me of Devdasi system for some hindu women confined/sacrificed to temples in those days – may be a century back. Such women finally ended up as well… mistresses for rich landlords, whatelse.

What does a Geisha mean: As the film says, max a Geisha could ever get to be is being A HALF WIFE/WIFE BY NIGHT for a man – being kept as a mistress by her patron. Just that word annoys me like anything. I am grateful to God that there are quite a few gigolos even in Chennai now (heard so!) (so husbands beware!)

Ofcourse Dev Dasi (servant of God) system is now totally abolished in India – i think it got abolished even before our independence am not sure. Just like Geisha life was by Japanese society/govt. but once these women were very important in our society – albeit they remained in the shadows. May be they’re like ‘Naach girls’ – yes i think so.

And why should women always be looked at this way only? Is no society free of this moral corruption at all?

Such pretty Geisha girls. and what a sorry life they lead. Should thank God a million times for planting us in a good family – otherwise which woman would CHOOSE to be a geisha / dev dasi / naach girl?

Touching story – the way a geisha is groomed, how she faces professional envy from peers, how she has to oblige the highest bidder, how even a geisha could have feelings for someone special hidden to the world, and how finally she could be discarded as useless once her time is over…

Very sad really.

For 1 whole day, i want ALL MEN TO BECOME WOMEN & ALL WOMEN TO BECOME MEN in this world! Male arrogance of keeping women like that as puppets ENRAGES me like anything. Would luv to stare down every single of them if i can!

Ofcourse Japanese society is most advanced now. Still i have a few friends who have been to Japan who claim, when it comes to women, its in many ways like India. And a friend says, average size of a japanese home is not even 300 sq ft. MINUTE. In bathrooms, there is hardly space to stand. We keep complaining of smaller homes in Indian cities – but says this friend, if we visit Japan, we’ll thank the Lord for the palaces we own in India!

Anyway – its a cute, touchy film – but VERY FEMININE. I don’t think any man will have appetite for this one.

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