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The curious case of Benjamin Button

August 11, 2010

Benjamin Button’s is ofcourse a curious life story – not possible in the real world so far as i know. But sounds credible the way the pic is made – & by the powerful portrayal of the Button character. Brad Pitt lives the role.

Looks best in his 40s – guess hes now in his 40s actually too – and looks THEEEE BEST @ 48 yrs when he finally joins Kate Blanchet @ 43. Both look great. While Kate ages gracefully, Button (B Pitt) regresses in age, just the same way, gracefully until upto a point.

Pssssssttt………….. Why should they always portray India like this? Why can’t they show our software parks & industrial estates & our education institutions? It really angered me a bit. Not a bit, a lot – this unnec India clipping.

But guess Brad Pitt has this karmic connection with this land. He first was shooting for ‘7 years in Tiber’ at Dharamshala. Then lastly he was shooting alongwith wife Jolie at Pune. He seems to be coming back a lot – always for/with a spiritual connection atleast in the movies..

Missed the first few scenes as usual – busy in kitchen work – so am trying to catch up on u-=tube. It seems to be taken off the u-tube. There are some private websites hosting this movie. Donno if they’re safe. Gotto consult my son. I know he downloaded it long back – may be years back to watch it. He did not like it.

I think Benjamin Button was in the race with Slumdog for academy awards, right? By the way a friend told me why Slumdog won so many awards – it was done with an intention to create that image of India in the minds of the american audience i believe. This she told me when we were talking abt the insulting specific comment on Infosys by a US Senator. I asked my Raji abt it who shrugs it off. ‘Resentment of some bitter people shows up from time to time Viji – we are least bothered.’ she says. Way to go, girl.

By the way, my son keeps teasing me abt watching films with english subtitles. I am trying not to read the subtitles now and i am regaining my ability to understand american & british slangs albeit with some difficult. The eng subtitles are there only for the last 1 year. But ever since, i’ve got addicted to reading them that i am falling behind when it comes to watching the faces of the characters. Or may be am doing both – i’ve mastered that art. But subtitles are spoiling us i know – making us lazy like am no more trying to even lip-read. Its easy with the sub-titles running below.

Anyway, its a diff story, a very emotional one, and i did find myself shedding a drop of tear as baby Benjamin realises who is holding him as he dies at the end of the picture.

Worth watching for Brad Pitt.

My recommendations:

1. Watch Brad Pitt at his best in ‘Legends of the Fall’ – beautiful, beautiful pic, watched many, many times. Period film. Heroine Julia Ormand.

2. Watch Julia Ormand & Harrisson Ford in ‘Sabrina’ – one of luvliest romances. It was like reading a Mills & Boon for me. Julia is one of the best actresses i admire in Hollywood – like her for her jet black hair. Julia also plays a role in ‘Little Women’ – starring also Susan Sarandon, Winona Rider & Claire Danes (yes the heroine of my previous film ‘Evening’) among others.

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