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The battle for Haditha

August 18, 2010

I don’t wanna sum it up as ‘one more Iraq story.’ Its a moving picture. There is great truth in this. But i do not have yet any opinion on Middle-easterners/Arabs. They’re not like the muslims of the subcontinent. They’re totally different – and moreover they don’t mix with other asians. Which makes it impossible for us to judge them 100%. But i know they’re spoilt. So i can understand from that one angle how much the iraqis should be already suffering – sacrificing so much of the comforts that they once took for granted.

Eating from the same plate, their small family ceremonies etc – other religious people hardly get a chance to witness. Arab world is closed that way. So in this pic, i saw a bit of their family functions which is a very rare insight. (can’t say what family function. but first time i saw it – was shocked.) Ok i donno if we could classify the iraqis as arabs.

But if i take the side of the iraqis, then i will be digging my own grave as an indian. Hindus are the muslims no.1 prime target. Just like jews. If America or whoever wants to neutralize rogue nations like iran & iraq – then whether its ethical or not, I HAVE TO GO WITH IT – to save my own skin.

Apparently whats ethical to one group of ppl is not so ethical to another. That Dr. Abdul Kadeer Khan is viewed as villian by us Indians – but hes a hero across the border. The difference is simple. India made the bomb even before Pak did – but we exercise that restraint, caution & abide by international rules & regulations. But a nuclear proliferator like Khan who spread the technology to rogue nations like iraq & north korea is celebrated as hero – not condemned. To me, such figures are misguiding heroes – and probably become heroes for lack of real heroes in their society perhaps.

So which side should we take really? As an indian/hindu i know, i stand ISOLATED. There is no way we can get along with islamic nations. Their very ideology is totally diff from ours. For better or for worse, its the west for us.


one interesting thing: we were boating in Doha corniche. 3 guys who looked desi were with us (we were 2 families). (i mean they had the northie look but they were not clean shaven which got us confused) me & my friend  were debating, from which country they could be. i said, north indians most prob – from delhi or mumbai, so lets speak tamil!  my friend said, no way a northie would sport a mush so they should be pakis. finally our hubbies decided to ask the guys straight. we were surprised to learn that they were 3 unmarried saudi nationals in their early 30s. they had discarded their typical white arab robe and had donned jeans & tees. they looked so so DESI. AND THEIR SALARIES WERE VERY NOMINAL – NOT ALL ARABS ARE OIL-WELL OWNING SHEIKHS AS WE INDIANS WOULD LUV TO BELIEVE. it was such a shock. looks like they were teaching science in Riyadh. they had crossed the qatari border in their SUV as they wanted to spend a couple of quiet days in doha. they spoke only arabic. radhika’s H sitaram speaks excellent arabic. they in turn asked us where we were from. we said India. they asked, ‘where from in India.’ we said Mumbai coz thats what might they know of mostly. finally those guys pointed to their head & said, ‘indians – good brains. arabi – maafi mushkil’ really. we were shocked & surprised by their innocent admission at the same time. can’t picture these ones as violent type. couldn’t even imagine them in their black abayas. they were quite normal – just like any local guys – in jeans & t-shirts. me & my friend were floored by their thick black mush! could not take our eyes off! so i donno what to say abt them anymore. better not to judge in such matters. we indians/hindus have no direct conflict with any arab country or islamic country other than with our dear brothers from pakistan. i think we shd keep that in mind always. whole world is not pak. even with pak – there is no such thing as a permanent enemy or permanent friend in this world – lets not forget that. relationships keep changing/evolving always.

but the death of innocent civilians does hurt our conscience. otherwise we are not humans. i think u can find a fine example of indian/hindu mentality even within this picture. the mujahideen who starts this horrendous affair is torn betn whats right & whats wrong. like which side should he take. shd he give it up – or shd he take to iraqi nationalism that violent way. everyone has 2 minds like that. we all know – there is a right, and there is a wrong, in everything. and most often, its the right which could be the wrong, and the wrong which could prove to be right – ironically. so how to decide which side we should take.

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