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Birthday card from my son

September 8, 2010

This is what my son wrote for my birthday; it can hardly be called poetry; but its somewhat rhythmic versed.

Sorry for the times i had let you down
I just wanna apologize for the things i’ve done
Sorry for all the lies and the mischief
But i can’t believe u branded me a thief.

Don’t blame you for losin all hopes
Too much fun in 11th and the afterburn shows
But i swear this is nothing, its just a phase
I will change, my name has earned enough disgrace;

I admit i crossed the line a couple of times
Cellphone addiction and a junkyard mind
Swear, i put it all behind, its all come to an end
For good measure, i even broke up with my girlfriend (don’t ask)

Sorry for the complaints and all the bad grades
Sorry for the tears and the sad face
Sorry for all the sacrifices you had to make
Instead of Qatar, you’re sitting here in this crapped up place

Sorry for all your bubbles that i have burst
Of all the things that happened to you, i know i am the worst
But i have a heart, can’t handle this distance
Without talking to you is,  like living without oxygen.

Sorry for all the wrong things i have done
Sorry i haven’t been acting like my father’s son
Sorry i let the devil take over my mind
I swear thats all history, now i’ll be just fine

I know i don’t have the gift of attention, or concentration
But i will give it my best shot in the quarterly examination
I promise, from this day i will work like a hound
Right now’s just a bad time, we’re under a black cloud;

I know i got a perfect body and working 6th sense
I promise to keep a limit to my friends
You’ve had enough excuses but, this IS the last straw
If i cross the line again, i’ll peel my own skin raw.

I’ll stick to my books and a lil TV to relax
I promise from now on, I will work to my max
Sorry your life turned out this way, it all happened before
But your son is a scoundrel and a liar no more

I know there’s been too many problem
And i am not too blind to know
All the pain that you kept inside you
Even though you might not show

If i can’t apologize for being wrong,
Then its just a shame on me
I’ll be the reason for your blame
I promise now thats all history


From the bottom of my heart, i am sorry.

I love you, Mom,

Your son,



Started crying on reading this one @ 4 am, sitting all alone in my kitchen… in the morning stillness…

Didn’t call my son a thief, but i said like, ‘if u lie, how long before u flick?’   I know that shd have hurt terribly.

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