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Inspired by Siddharth!

November 24, 2010

Siddharth made his debut in the tamil film ‘Boyz’ – also produced & directed by the same Shankar, of Robot & Jeans & Hindustani fame.

Next i saw him in tamil/hindi film ‘Yuva’  (this film was caleld ‘Ayudha ezhuthu’ in tamil – its great watching Maddy & Siddharth speaking chaste tamil.   I am glad, both have made it somewhat in bollywood).

‘Rang de basanti’ gave him all-India fame yet again..

Still i never expected Siddharth just to be like the characters he has so far played in tamil/hindi movies.

His speech has inspired me like anything.

I very much agree with his ‘attention span’ problem amongst our youngsters.   The same is true of my own son.   He is restless in many ways – i can see that.   This gen lacks that undivided concentration and focus which was the watchword of our gen.

All the best in life Siddhu – u really really got many of us thinking…

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