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Yaar Yaar Sivam

December 11, 2010

I like this Kamal Hassan’s song SO………. MUCH … Kamal sings this rare one:

Yaar yaar sivam    –       Who is Shivam (God)

Nee thaan Sivam          –     You are God (people who serve others)

Vaazhve Thavam   –        Life is a penance

Anbe Sivam          –        Love is (only) God


Watch these 2 beautiful lines which speak BLATANT TRUTH:

Aathigam pesum manidharkellam sivame anbaagum  – to those devotees who are believers, Sivam becomes Love

Naathigam pesum manidharkellam anbe sivamaagum – to those do-gooders who are non-believers, Love becomes Sivam

Anbe sivam, anbe sivam – love is (only) God, love is God.

If only this truth sinks in some troubled people’s minds, world will be a much, much better place to live in.

Luvly song.   Anyday i would call myself rather spiritual than religious.



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