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Children should be children, wives must be wives, husbands must act like husbands :D

December 30, 2010

Children should be children and should never carry their parents’ baggage with them.  Its the responsibility of parents to see that their children grow up with unprejudiced minds and thinking.   Whatever our kids have to know, let them learn their own way.  Let them discover what is good and what is bad by trial and error alone, finding their footing slowly, very slowly.   There is no need to rush, no need to grow up overnight.  Let them trip a couple of times, no harm.   Lets parents not wag our tongues in front of our young children, planting poison seeds even unwittingly in their young impressionable minds.

Children growing up with such free uncluttered minds will alone have a happy disposition in their lives,  devoid of sulking character/nature.   A happy childhood means automatically a happy marriage, a happy life ahead.

That is the way i was raised, that is how i am raising my son as well.

The problem is not with ME.  Problem is only with baggage carriers.

Thank God a billion times.


Definition of a Wife as per Ancient Sanskrit Hindu Scriptures:

Karyeshu mantri,
Karuneshu dasi,
Roopeshu Lakshmi,
Kshameshu dharitri,
Sneheshu matha,
Shayaneshu vaishya*,
Shatkarma nari,
Kuladharma pathni


Karyeshu mantri,      – (which means) A wife must be  a minister to her husband (king)

Karuneshu dasi,        –  A devoted maid in serving him in all his needs/duties (work)

Roopeshu Lakshmi,   – A harbinger of good fortunes/His goodluck Charm like a Lakshmi; one                                                                                                 with a pleasant demeanour

Kshameshu dharitri,   – A friend by forgiving, guiding

Sneheshu matha,       – A mother in her selfless love and feeding him

Shayaneshu vaishya*, – A whore in his bedroom

Shatkarma nari,          – A perfect all-round woman

Kuladharma pathni.      – A light for her Kul/Khandaan

So what is there to be ashamed of being a perfect wife, or in trying to be one?

I think those women who cannot even dream of measuring up to be such a wife, incapable of endearing themselves to men ALONE will get jealous of HAPPY WIVES.

Ashamed?  Hardly there is reason to be.  In fact i think, those of us who are HAPPY AND LUCKY WIVES should be PROUD, not ashamed of, for what we have become to our husbands – TROPHIES.


So how should a HUSBAND be?   Ancient Hindu Sanskrit scriptures say,

An ideal husband must be like this:

1)Bhogeshu Raja-                                 Rich  (should eat like a king – means, should be                                                                               materialistic, should make a good living)

2)Vachaneshu Rama-                              Honest like Ram (keep his word)

3)Chaturasya Krishna-                              Brilliant, clever like Krishna

4)Dhairyeshu Karna-                                 Daring like Karna

5)Roopecha Indra-                                     Handsome like Indra

6)Kaameshu madana-                                Romantic like Cupid !

manadharma Ramana–                              the dear husband (all round, resourceful, free                                                                         and fair minded)


While no wife can be 100% perfect just like no husband can be 100% perfect – there is still a lot of scope to make a happy life for ourselves.   Mind Factor plays an important role i think.

Children have unblemished free psyches – there is no reason, we parents should try to mar and scar such an innocence.  Believe me, i have not done it so far, i will never do it in future.

Same for a wife who can make her hubby dance to her tunes if she wants – a wife could estrange her husband totally from his own family if i she ever so desires;   It shows, what is the power of a woman over a man.


Time is the best healer so far as i know.  Time has a way of balancing the injustices, unfairness and inequalities.  Time stops for none.

Refuse to pass on my bitterness to my husband or my son or to anyone around me for that matter.


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