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Finally equality in gender @ death: so sad…

January 16, 2011

Justice and gender neutrality has finally arrived in this country – even if the spate of crimes against women in some parts, continues to remain unabated.

Excellent verdict keeping with times, giving due consideration to dual role played by women both at home (family) and at work – in case, women are also contributing financially to their families.

Most downplayed until today, i am enormously pleased that there is a slight change in the attitude of our society finally with this ruling.  Having been a working mother myself and having working women friends even today who also juggle family/work so smartly and neatly, i can very much empathize with this case.    Most of my friends are like this – priceless, precious possessions to their families.  Kudos to working women.   Women are backbone of families.


(well i am not trying to quantify my friend  B’s death benefits  (my friend B is no more) or anything – still her terminal benefits would go a long way to ensure a better life for her 2 daughters who are still studying.   Her sister told me of the quantum of benefits – she also works for Central govt and has completed about 20 yrs of service; so it gives us a fair idea of what to expect in govt/bank service if we tender our resignation after a reasonable spell of service – like 20 yrs.   After 20 years of service, we also become eligible for voluntary retirement benefits.   Although it might sound distasteful to many – hearing us talking of B’s death benefits –  we only practically discussed how not to underestimate a woman’s work/service and contribution to her family even in the event of her death.   B’s sister says, it helps to know what your family stands to gain in the event of such an unforeseen tragedy even in our own lives.)

Having had a working mom who faced lots of health problems specific to women in her 30s – i know, how work life is challenging for women both physically and mentally.  My dad was drawing my mother’s pension, and her PF,  and other things i still hold in the form of gold jewels – priceless to me along with my sis.  Its nothing but blood money to us.   Its my mother’s sweat and blood, no less.  I value it very much.     (Enjoying the benefits of my parents’ investments even today – which comes to me like a gift cheque month after month. ) (not much still)  Death benefits after my mom passed away definitely went a long way and helped us girls settle down comfortably.  Sad, distasteful but true.  Nothing but the pure love of a mother for the daughters she left in lurch.

Interestingly, the Judge in this case is a woman, who has also effectively quashed a petition by the Insurance company.

My heart goes out to the young bereaved husband and the little motherless son – i know, what life will be like for them.  No package can bring back this wife/mother to earth.

PS: the question of remarriage; the young husband has remarried, which is good.   his new marriage still need not have to necessarily crush his love for his dead wife; neither can it wipe out his love for his first wife when she was alive – it would remain an unchangeable constant in his heart; his emotional loss and suffering as well as financial loss is factual;  i don’t see the reason for him to suffer in silence any longer – he is too young for that; in order for sanity to prevail, its good he remarried quick.  Its very cruel of anyone to accuse him of lack of love for his first wife, just because he married again.

I wish the insurance sum is deposited in the little boy’s name.  Or in joint names of dad and son.  If son comes into possession of money + interest too soon in his life- like by 18 years,  it will be to his detriment.   I hope something is worked out – and a property is acquired out of the claim money.   The property could be jointly registered in dad and son (minor’s) name.


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