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Easy virtue

January 25, 2011



Saw a beautiful film today. Seeing some once again – provided TV is free. My son otherwise keeps playing PS3 in it.

Jessica Beil, the heroine, marries a young Brit and moves into his home (mansion – like castle in olden times). All in his family are hypocrites -even the young man she marries is (as she later discovers). Only her FIL, Colin Firth shares her wavelength.

What a sensitive film. Strange story line. Captures the meanness & cunning of some so-called old pompous families EXACTLY. One such family is into which I am married – sorry to say. (although my H is sweet) (really i am sick of everything fake around me: like plastic smiles, super egos sigh…. – longing always at heart to talk to genuine, warm people. I don’t belong here)

Bold one – if its to be re-made in Hindi/Tamil. Won’t be acceptable to our masses. FIL leaves home with DIL LOL – I LIKE IT HAHAHA ! Sounds vulgar and even SCANDALOUS may be when i put it bluntly like this, but the plot is very convincing, believe me: A mind-level connection between 2 consenting adults – that’s all. Like they are two carefree individuals who also like each other – fit together. Violates some serious code of conduct/ethics? Who cares ! (not that everyone is looking for extra-marital affair/incestuous relationship like this- as i said, the story/plot is convincing enough; to be judged on case-by-case basis)

Perhaps the rebel in me is speaking – the script reiterates my love/fascination and softcorner for older men. They are precious gems. There is something between younger women and much older men no doubt ! So what if i cannot have one in real life – i can always find solace in the arms of a older, mature man in my dreams hahahaha ! So who can stop me huh?! (not all older men please – i am selective !)

I mean we all marry men of our age/few years older – and we love them sure – but just imagine being with a man 20/30 years my(our) senior ! Really, if my match is such a senior (!), i wouldn’t have to mother him atleast ! I mean, a much older man will definitely know a woman completely in and out. It will be a pleasure to share one’s life with such a senior man. Would love to listen to his experienced words of wisdom. Would love to smooth down the tired lines creasing his forehead,,,, hmmmmmm Jessica (Larita) in this picture makes the mistake of marrying the son – finds a kindred spirit finally in the man’s father ! (by the way, there is a terrible secret about her in the story that the son finds shocking – but not the father. what a way to relate to.) (its the son’s limitation – not the father’s. can’t blame the younger man, though.)

What i mean is: younger men are too judgmental (very rash in their judgements I mean). ‘Easy virtue’ is a good (satirical) name selection. I really feel like, older men can see right through a woman’s heart. They are my heroes always !

(but the film is not about age factor – its more about hypocrisy of some POMPOUS folks with so-called lineage who think too much of themselves and also surmise bold women with one word ‘easy virtue.’ (the so-called ‘dharam patnis’ of my society sic )

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