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Will Anna Hazare usher in critical social change?

April 11, 2011

I was skeptical at first really – but a friend posted in Face Book that, ‘this is how even Gandhi started his Satyagraha 103 years back – at that time, with no mass media present, it was hardly felt to be a wise thing; it still went on to succeed.’

Not a Gandhi admirer, but what he says is true.   Anna has no political connections influence and in fact, unabashedly the Congress as well as some vested interests have tried to buy him out.
The greatest cancer spreading/threatening India today is corruption  – until now, i never thought it would be possible to cure this malaise that afflicts all sections of society; nor did i think, politicians and bureaucrats could ever be made answerable.
Even now i fear, in the event of Jan Lokpal Bill being passed successfully by our parliament, those in power would still look for loopholes in the Law to find their way out.   Still, the bill itself will serve as a biggest deterrent atleast i must admit – and won’t it be effective to a minimum 50% so to say?  I am not hoping for cent percent success from the start.   One or two good indictments should prove to be encouraging at the beginning.   Initial success will go a long way in setting the right trend.   Well, atleast someone is taking the initiative and we gotto appreciate that.   Someone has the guts to think about the unthinkable, someone wants to do good to this nation – so minimum let us support such kind people ideologically….
I guess if the bill is passed, first team to get behind the bars will be the entire congress party headed by Sonia Gandhi for her italian remittances and subsidies, Sheila Dikshit next, followed by bureaucrats like Suresh Kalmadi,  and at state level, the entire Karunanidhi family not leaving even the benami minors LOL.
I can’t wish for more.
I want the bill to be a huge success.
If and only if corruption is rooted out of India, then what can stop us from becoming a world class nation in very near future?   So much of looted, wasted resources could be put to nation building.   My dream is to see we become one of top 3 nations in the world.   Compared to my grand parents and my parents generation, atleast partially our dreams have come true.    But thats not enough.   Much more has to be done, still a long, long way to go….
And Jan Lokpal Bill is just a small right step in that direction….
I think India will be reborn the day accountability factor is made No.1 issue in our politics and bureaucracy.       I already feel euphoric, thinking how much India might change if this bill is successfully enforced ASAP?  I think our lives will be transformed forever…. I think, rural Indians and hopeless citizens require this oxygen very badly… Its not a fair society that i live in…  My sympathies are always with the less fortunate ones who have not had opportunities like me, missing out only by virtue of birth.   Its an unequal society we have here and its time to rectify the imbalances.   Compared to 60s and 70s, i concede, we have a far more equitable society in India today with wealth dispersed amongst middle class as well, but the boom is just not sufficient.  So many sections of the society are left behind in the race, and its our duty to give them an even chance.
If Jan Lokpal Bill can make any difference, i am all for it.
Wishing Anna Hazare good health and success.   Success to Aam Aadmi who deserves a fair and better life.
I will do whatever in my capacity to aid the movement for my part.
Jai Hind.

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