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God’s own country

July 5, 2011


The huge haul of precious stones, gold coins & ornaments and currencies & other wealth at Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvanthapuram, Capital of Kerala takes your breath away. One lac crore rupee already and still counting, counting….

Debate is on as to who this immense wealth belongs. This is not just one temple in India found with such an enormous wealth. From Mohammed of Ghazni who marauded and looted the famous Somnath temple to Shah Jehan who razed the ‘Tejo Mahalaya’ a white marble Shiva temple (even most carvings/jewels engraved were kept as such with some additions made) and looted its wealth to build the Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal is a corruption of the original ‘Tejo Mahalaya’) on the same spot, Indian/Hindu history is full of bloody violence perpetrated by barbaric islamic invaders who were later followed by the British  plunderer-occupiers.

I definitely wouldn’t want the minority of this country any more to even have a say in the temple matter. NOT A SINGLE PAISE OF THIS MONEY – THE SWEAT AND BLOOD OF PEACELOVING HINDUS BE SPENT ON PROPAGATING OR HELPING VIOLENT FAITH PEOPLE – SORRY. Enough is enough. I loathe paying for Haj out of my tax money.

I would like this wealth to be locked up in a Trust. Its Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma -the Hindu trinity of Gods’ benevolent and loving gift to the people of India. If at all it has to be touched, its got to be used for hindu welfare alone – for the upliftment of the most backward classes of Hindus.

Also the money must be used TO STOP SPREAD OF ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY IN THIS ANCIENT LAND OF OURS. I am secular minded – but I think its high time, Hindu interests are protected as well.

In the name of nation building or future projects, the catholic congress govt with Sonia Gandhi as its head, under the guidance of Italian Mafia and who knows even Vatican, might try to chip in and plunder – I really fear for the safety of the wealth now from our politicians first.

On retrospect – this wealth is cushion given by Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva to Bharat. Let it always stand as the treasure of antiquity it is – preserved and protected to eternity. I hope this does not force the govt to open more temple vaults. Our treasures are safe where they belong. I wonder how no muslim king or christian missionary managed to MISS this temple in the brutal, barbaric eras gone by. Again i think, what troubles the trustees of this ancient temple would have had to endure to protect this wealth to this day from the christian and muslim looters. Hats off to Temple Management Trustees of the Travancore Shri Padmanaswamy Temple Board !

So until now, if the trustees have been able to care of for centuries, why should the govt poke its nose now? I think its high time the mosques/madarasas and churches are audited too. Does our govt have the guts to do it?

One of the comments posted:

R (London)
48 mins ago (06:48 PM)
I wonder how much Hindu wealth is hiding in the black stone in Mecca. Apparently i heard that the big secret is the black stone contains Hindu statues. Is this true?


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