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The Hindu : Sci-Tech : Camera captures images of tigers in NSTR, Andhra Pradesh

July 8, 2011

Been to Sri Sailam Shiva temple nestled in Nalla Mala hills in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful temple with one of most ancient Shiva Lingams in India – one which was worshipped by Lord Ram during his ‘van vaas’ days and by the Panch Pandavs. British and other foreigners ridicule Hindu Gods as mythis – but proof for Raam’s visit and the Pandav’s visit is engraved in a stone in the temple. Chatrapathi Shivaji, the maratha king, also paid a visit to the temple in the 16th century AD. The temple is nestled in deep forest – and near the temple is a tiger museum., We went there during our Ongole days – and I saw a stuffed tiger taller than a buffalo and longer than a crocodile. I thought it must be stitched up but I was told, its the largest tiger ever caught/hunted by british/maharajahs in Nalla mala hills. Sri Sailam is supposed to be a tiger sanctuary and protected area – we also went to the Krishna river dam (Krishna is dammed at 3 places in AP). If you cross the river, there is the most ancient cave temple for Devi/Shakthi – over 4,000 years old minimum called Akkamma Devi temple i think. As it was getting dark, we decided to return. The marvel is, at the back of the temple are carved some steps – 1000 steps – which if you descend will take you to Krishna river bank! Many devotees climb down/up having a dip in the river. Building a dam here is TOUGHEST – but Indira Gandhi did it in 1960s. 100% Indigenous Indian talent. Superb work. I am very thrilled today to see a Sri Sailam tiger in the papers. Makes me so happy.


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