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Should there be tears in your eyes…

August 5, 2011

This is a 60s song.  Starring Shivaji Ganesan, thespian of tamil cinema and Padmini (who acted opposite Raj Kapoor in ‘Jis desh mein Ganga behti hai’) (a contemporary of Vyjayantimala – both Padmini & Vyj. are tamil)

The first two verses were penned by tamil poet and freedom fighter Subramanya Bharathi.  Bharathi never lived to see India gaining her Independence.  The rest is by Kanna Dasan, most beloved lyricist of tamil film industry until today.
The song is sung by T M Soundar Rajan.
The song captures the love of aged couple married for decades, how they grow up on each other.  My tribute once again to older men and their lucky wives.  I think this is the way we all have to grow old.
Always my fave one – caught my MIL watching this song last evening in tv.  I wondered what must be going on in her mind.  Like was she thinking of my FIL?
As i grow older, i also realise what a powerful bond marriage is.   I think there is no better song that describes a husband-wife relationship and the husband’s pride in his wife than this one:

(left out translating just a couple of lines that are about parents’ grouse on their ungrateful children)
I think this song should be entered in ‘Hall of Fame’ of Indian cinema.
Un kannil neer vazhindhal                        – if there should be tears in your eyes
En nenjil udhiram kottudhadi                    – my heart bleeds
En kannin paavai andro, kannamma          – the pupil of my eyes (aren’t you?), my dear,
En uyir ninnadhandro?                              – isn’t my soul, yours?
(someone has posted better translation in comments)
Unnai karam pidithaen                              – i took your hands (in marriage)
Vaazhkai oli mayam  aanadhadi                 – my life got enlightened
Ponnai manandhadhanaal                          – because i married gold
Sabaiyil pugazhum valarndhadhadi              – (my) honour  (respect) grew in the society
Kaala sumai thaangi                                  –  (like) the weightbearer of time,
Pole maarbil enai thaangi                           – you bear me in your chest
Veezhum kanneer thudaippai                      – and wipe my flowing tears
Adhil en wimmal thaniyumadi                     – in which my whimpers are pacified
Aalam vizhudhugal pol                                – like branches of the banyan tree
Uravugal aayiram vandhum enna?                – what if a thousand relations came ?
Vaer ena nee irundhai                                  –  you were there as the root
Adhil naan veezhdhu vidaadhirundhaen          – so i stood without falling down
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;                ….        (about ungrateful children who break parents’ hearts)
En thevaiyai yaar arivaar?                             – who will understand my needs/requirements?
Unnai pol dheivam ondre ariyum…                 – only a Goddess like you will know.
Un kannil…
What a lovely song.  Deeply moving/touching.
Even though my husband hasn’t quite sang this song to me, this is what he tells me in a thousand words (in essence).   A long, long way to go in life.   The song also shows how emotionally dependent men get on their wives as they age.   I can actually feel the ache.  The longing.  Missing terribly my H.  He is this exactly dependent on me emotionally but work keeps him going.  Def i feel, its better my FIL left first while my MIL is still around.   Its good for him.  I would say the same for every elderly couple.  On an auspicious friday i should not say this – but i am saying still:  its better the wife gives the send-off to the husband always; thats the best and ultimate service she can do to her husband; because no husband can survive without wife in old age believe me.  I have seen my father wither away before my eyes.
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