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Seven years in Tibet

August 24, 2011

Already i am a huge fan of Brad Pitt. And i have seen this pic earlier. Revisiting it yet again in Sony Max for last 2 days has been a happy experience. No one at home. Quiet of Tibet. Peace of Dalai Lama. And just me and my Brad Pitt hahahahaha !

That ‘Siddharth’ and ‘Gautam’ are very common boy’s names in India is ample proof of how much celebrated Gautama Buddha is even in this modern age. To have him attain his ‘Nirvana’ at Bodh Gaya, Bihar – India is a blessed nation. To me, he is yet another avatar of Ram. (i view Christ as an avatar of Ram too like most hindus do lol. I think this is our one single ability that makes us extra-special. rather than calling someone ‘infidel’ it is ingrained in us to see Ram and Shiva in everyface, every direction, accepting every idealogy and synthesizing the same into one great philosophy or way of life) (i have a christ photo in my car. someone put it there when we bought it – i did not wanna replace it with a Shiva picture. instead i see Shiva in Christ always everytime we use our car) (not strange – most in India are like me)

‘Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram; pathitha paavana seetha ram
Eashwar Allah there naam, sabko shanmathi de bhagwan’

– what a valuable everyday school prayer in this nation until today… do we even realize, what an effect this secular indoctrination does to us when we grow up into responsible adults?

(how many nations have given birth to mahaans like we have o? Lord Ram, Krishna, Buddha (who though born at Lumbini at Nepal spent a good many years/most of his life in India), Mahavira (and even Jesus Christ who is now believed to have visited Kashmir/India (Leh) to learn Vedic scriptures before he was recognized as the messenger of God)

This film is shot completely at Dharamshala, India, Dalai Lama’s abode on his exile from Tibet. Like most hindus, I don’t view Buddhism as a separate faith but as a part/branch of Hinduism only. I have huge respects for Buddhism whose cornerstones are peace, tolerance and non-violence just as it is for Hinduism. What a ancestry we have with Vedas, Upanishads and Bhavad Gita? That none was still prescribed as our Bible/Qoran and no code-of-conduct set, and no centralized Mecca or Vatican exists for Hinduism is our greatest strength. And definitely no self-proclaimed prophets sorry :))))))))))

‘Do your duty and leave the rest to the God’ said Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita – there is no scripture in Hinduism that tutors violence of the mind or conquering of ‘infidels’ culturally or physically.

Ditto for Buddhism. Both flourished hand-in-hand in this land for millenniums before Islam wrecked up the region totally. (don’t wanna be side-tracked now)

Our scriptures are in sanskrit. Buddha, born a Hindu, wanted to do away with some of those slight overtures in Hinduism like attachment to material wealth and rituals he could not relate to principally -. which is what made him preach the 8-fold path. Its supposedly a better path to enlightenment – a better version of Hinduism but the last thing Buddha wanted was to be deitified himself. By deitifying Buddha, Buddhism lapses into same Hindu cycle that Buddha wanted to break of.

(The Buddhist 8-fold path for enlightenment (Nirvana) as taught in my school and as it comes to my memory are: right thinking, right action, right speech and 5 more i can’t recall correctly.)

That Hinduism/ancient Hindus allowed the flourishing growth and spread of Buddhism, with chief Hindu emperors like Ashoka switching to this benign form of original faith (as was regarded in that age) is another evidence of what a tolerant race we Hindus are. There was space for everyone and every idea in India obviously.

History has taught us how Buddhism helped Hindus to introspect their own faith for its pros and cons. Buddhism helped refine Hinduism and there is evidence that it reached upto Tamil Nadu with Chola kings embracing Buddhism which none of the Moghuls could achieve. What a peaceloving tolerant Buddhism could do much, much before Islam arrived on the shores of India, the arab faith alien to this sub-continent could never achieve down south. (in moghul era)


Seeing the picture, i once again feel that strong urge to visit Dharamshala – its right here in India and still i have not been there. Tibetans who came with Dalai Lama are spread through out India. Love them very much – they have a great presence in hill stations (where it is easier for them to survive than in hot tropical plains of this country). But increasingly they are getting Indianised already and those in Tamil Nadu pakka tamilianized, that disappoints me somewhat. Preserving their gene pool and unique culture might get increasingly tougher is a fast growing nation like India. None to blame. One way of other, the Tibetans might be forced to abandon their traditional ways and embrace the mainstream indian lifestyle at some point of time. So sad.

As for chinese occupation – kick them out! Now! Cunning rats – What kind of human beings will have heart to massacre 1 million peaceloving tribes called Tibetans. Speaks volume of how devious these guys are.

I wish a democratic revolution tears apart China into 1000 pieces. It will someday. India has passed this acid test for democracy with its fair share of imperfections, but  China will never pass this test just like the erstwhile USSR. Waiting for such a day in world history…

And those who think of boarding the Chinese ship – you will learn a lesson when abandoned and thrown into mid-sea without a warning.

For, i remember my granny telling me this story. In 1961, Mao Tse Tung visited India, He was welcomed warmly and treated like a royal guest. Nehru slid a gold ring engraved with a map of India in the chinese premier’s finger. And the devil said, ‘so India is now in Chinese hands!’

No sooner than Mao Tse Tung returned to China, China attacked India without a warning occupying a good measure of our geographical territory which stunned the nation. But i am told, this is what helped India stay prepared when Pakistan waged war on India in 1965 and forced us into intervention in 1971 war both of which India won. The loss to Chinese alerted PM Indira Gandhi to make the State highly defensive.

Backstabbers – i can only wish best of luck for anyone having anything to do with these people.   See even in this picture, how they take Tibet sweet talking all the way, never starting a heated argument.


Long live Dalai Lama Freedom for Tibet!

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