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Mulai Keerai Poriyal (Native Red Spinach/Amaranth poriyal)

September 8, 2011

Another method of making  Mulai Keerai (greens but not lettuce):

Take a bunch of molai keerai (Amaranth or Native Spinach (that comes with both red and green leaves) and cut it to small pieces. rinse many times in running water thoroughly.

Slice an onion & take a few crushed garlic cloves. shallow fry in a tsp of heated oil after sauting with mustard seeds & cumin seeds. you can add a de-seeded and torn red chilli to make it hot. add molai keerai (amaranth) when the onion turns golden brown. Stir fry molai keerai (amaranth) for a few min. cook with lid closed for 1-2 min maximum..this cooks very fast. when the water is dry, switch off after sprinkling with pepper powder (optional) and garnishing with scraped coconuts.

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Red Amaranth/Red Molai Keerai is a rare type of Native Greens in India that contains the exclusive Gold element in its consumption form.


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