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‘The other man’

September 28, 2011

I request all husbands to watch this picture.

I have no complaints about mine – perfectly happy with my life. Still i would want every husband to see this picture, understand what a wife after all wants out of life…

I would like to give a gist of the story – but i don’t wanna give away the plot.

And who says a woman cannot like more than 1 man at the same time? Its utter nonsense – and I DON’T THINK LIKING SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN YOUR HUSBAND IS BEING DISLOYAL EITHER.

Its just that some equations exist and some of us find physical/mental solace in someone outside the marriage – not always perhaps, but at times it happens… As for as Indian society is concerned, the scope for adultery physically is very minimum. May be possible in upper circles – definitely not in middle-class families like ours. Ofcourse at mind level, its happening all around us i know.

Even so, inspite of so many value judgements i make on other issues – i would like to say – loyalty to your spouse is onething, being loved by/loving someone other than your spouse is something different. I don’t somehow see it as a crime. Would rather count it like a gift. Never try to compare the 2 loves- at every turn of her life, a woman meets a man who could adore her for who she is or who she could love for whatever he is…. i know our men who are fed & raised on ‘other woman’ idealogy might find it difficult to palate ‘the other man’ in their wives’ lives.

Well if any woman/wife says she has no secret admirers or she is a secret admirer of no other man (excluding her husband that is) – i wouldn’t buy it. I donno why people term it ‘infidelity.’ Far from it. Sometimes it just gets impossible to resist – i know what a precarious condition this is. But we are all adults who are responsible for our actions.


Finally i can only envy Lisa (laura linney) for the beautiful object of love she is for 2 men in this picture.

Its time every husband does a self-introspection, which will help discover as to what a wife’s heart is, a woman’s heart is.

And this picture shows, all wives who find solace in other men’s arms, are NOT habitual adulteresses either.

Nice story line. The husband’s love is there. The other man’s love is there. And the wife’s love is there for both the men – not hurting either of them. Amazing. Unwilling to prove disloyal to either of the men, Lisa takes the unimaginable decision in her life that shows the woman she is – her goodness.

Worth watching.

A must for men who climb up the corporate ladder who over-rate themselves and think those men who have not made it big like them are losers. Never underestimate the power of true love.

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