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Mutton Korma south Indian style

October 9, 2011

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400 gm of mutton today (priced at 150 bucks),
3 ripe tomatoes (big ones)
2 big onions sliced,
2 green chillies
ginger, garlic flakes (5-6)
garam masale – like cloves, bay leaf, cardomom, saunf, cinnamon stick for sauteing and
a half coconut – scraped (scoops to 3/4 of a cup).
heart-friendly oil for stir frying – max 2 tsp, that’s all
water (optional)
coriander for garnishing
2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp jeera powder
a pinch of turmeric powder
salt to taste
Boiled eggs -2 (optional)
Boiled potatoes, beans, carrots, sweet green peas (optional) (i have not added here)


Heat 2 tsp of oil in a thick bottomed pan (i use a pressure pan with lid). (in the place of pan, can also use a thick bottomed karai but it takes a l… time to cook this way) (pressure cooking saves maximum time but caution: over cooking will turn the mutton into jelly. if the cooker is brand new, do not wait for whistle. switch off when u get a steady steam).

Saute mild garam masale (without grinding) like bay leaf, saunf, lavang (cloves -2), cinnamon stick etc in the heated oil – stir for a min. Let the oil soak the spicy flavours.

Chop onions and use half of a sliced onion to shallow fry in the oil along with a slice of tomato. this helps give a lumpy feeling to the korma – instead of it being too stewy/liquidish.

Rest of the tomatoes, onions, ginger-garlic and green chillies to be ground to a thick paste in a blender.

Pour this ground gravy into the pan and stir for a couple of min. Wash the mutton pieces thoroughly in running water and add to the gravy. Add 2 tsp red chilli powder, jeera powder, turmeric powder and salt. Add water if necessary. Slow cook in the pressure pan with lid closed and weight in place, upto 1 whistle.

Grind the scraped coconut into a smooth paste adding water in the blender and keep aside.

When the lid can be removed off the pressure pan, and the steam is out and the mutton is done, add the coconut paste to the gravy.

Stir but do not allow the stew to boil or simmer with the coconut milk for over 2 min or the coconut will curdle. So to keep the stewy korma creamy-looking, do not ever cook/simmer for longer after adding coconut milk/gravy (any dish).

Remove off the stove after garnishing with freshly washed and cut coriander leaves. The mutton korma is ready for serving.

400 gms Mutton korma serves 2. Add boiled eggs to the korma (optional).

This is a very mild Mutton Korma – not very spicy. South Indian style.

Vegetables like potato/beans/carrots can be added as options. To be added at the onion-tomato stir fry stage before the ground gravy is added.

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