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A 1.2 billion Polio-free nation :-)

January 12, 2012
Pulse Polio a winner in India:
I think the ‘Pulse polio’ programme for booster dozes is in practice thanks to WHO ever since Shri was a toddler.
I remember getting confused with the polio drops administration – because i had a chart to follow already (my BIL was our doc – no paediatrician for my son) and I was not sure about administering the extra dozes.  The intervals were getting closer.
I would get the polio drops from the old Spencers’ Pharmacy in Madras so my BIL would administer the same to my son.
Did not give my son any vaccination outside my home.  
I remember the pulse polio programme distinctly because, corporation officials used to come door to door talking to mothers to get their babies free booster dozes.  They gave us slips to go with.  Since i never went even once, the officials got irked with me.  They were not convinced that at the same time of the programme, i was buying extra dozes from my own purse and administering the same to my son at home.  
I understood it was for the child’s benefit they were so persistent.  Door-to-door campaign through out the country for years, decades perhaps, with full page newspaper ads, tv ads, announcements in loudspeakers in auto rickshaws etc etc has paid excellent rich dividends finally finally.
Its heartwarming to note that an almost 15-20 year old campaign is now bearing fruits and that this year, POLIO IS TOTALLY ERADICATED FROM INDIAN SOIL.
17-18 years back, did i ever foresee the monumental success of the sustained programme that was initiated with full vigour? I remember my son’s vaccine shots because i was the only mother who did not take her baby to a paediatric ward for immunization.   
Risk factor still remains in that, the virus can still be transported in from other infectious neighbours.
Also, one in a thousand live polio virus might still strike a child taking us by shock cum suprise, beginning a new account.
I remember a case from my childhood when a new baby boy was born in our street.  The boy was alright until he took his polio doze.  In one in a million rare case, the boy got affected by live polio virus on administration of vaccine.  He must be now in his 30s.  His leg was polio affected.
My point is, in this 1.2 billion poor nation, we are still doing something RIGHT I guess, so obviously we are still ticking….
Are we really that bad i wanna ask America and Europe?  Can you feed and manage masses like ours and survive and defend yourselves the way we have been doing all these years?

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