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Margazhi Music 2011-12

January 13, 2012
This is a religious page but i thought i must add it this season… because this is what i am actually listening to from December…  will go on upto this month end…

Listening to Sri Rudhram (for Lord Shiva) and Vishnu Sahasra Namam every dawn this Margazhi month.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN TO THIS RUDHRAM WITH LYRICS & TRANSLATIONS TO UNDERSTAND HOW ‘HE’ RESIDES EVEN IN THIEVES & MURDERERS, SHOWING THEM THEIR WAY.  Thus God, the Maker, is how you interpret.  He exists for felons and the corrupt just the way He exists for you and me.   So that is why this nation is so tolerant, Indian race is so complacent. Accepting and digesting everyone and everything is in our blood.
SHIVA SWALLOWS EVERYTHING AND SO CAN HIS DEVOUT FOLLOWERS THUS SWALLOW ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.   To my knowledge, in no other faith is God defined (or perhaps undefined?) the way He is here. I don’t have to read the Bible or Quran to know that.
(playing Rudhram alone here; Rudhra  (roudhram) = Lord Shiva in his most fiercest form;  This is a dancing form of Shiva who presides over the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. (Annamalai University in another landmark of Chidambaram town).
Which is why we never have this form of Lord Shiva at home; nor is He worshipped in regular temples; This Nataraja is worshipped only in Margazhi, and the highlight of the month is ‘Aarudhra Dharshanam.’)  (we worship only the shaanthi swaroop of the Lord & His missus when they are in good mood not when in destructive, angry mood.)   (which is why Varahi worship is not regular in India.)
Nataraj, this form of Shiva, gave India, the ‘Bharat Natyam’ , the traditional dance of India.
Since this month is special for early morning worship of Lord Shiva, i am playing Rudhram for the week along with Tamil Nadu’s own Aandal Thiruppavai.
2. THIRU PAAVAI – sonnets (composition by AANDAAL)
Aandaal lived in Sri Rangam, growing up as a Lord Krishna devotee just like Meera did in Northern India.  In the month of Maargazhi, Aandaal rose before the dawn, decorated her home with Kolam (rangoli), plucked flowers from her garden and garlanded Krishna with it but after checking it around her neck first.  She married Lord Krishna in her mind and the lord finally took her into his bosom as his own.
Maargazhi month, Aandaal composed & sung a sonnet everyday to Krishna called ‘Thiru paavai’ (in tamil) so there are 30 Thiruppaavai songs in tamil that every little girl is taught to sing at school in Tamil Nadu.  In the sonnets, Aandal, just like Meera, expresses her love and devotion for the lord.
I am playing a special Aandaal Thiru paavai here:  
‘Maargazhi thingal’ is the first one sung in the first day of the month (dec 15-jan 14th)
Many men in my place are fasting (like Ramzaan) and observing a 48 day vrath to trek and go to Sabarimala in Kerala which is the abode of Lord Shiva’s least known son Swami Aiyappa.  Women not allowed.
Playing the popular Iyappa songs now:
by KJ YESUDOSS: (sanskrit)  (a repeat)
by Veeramani in tamil:
Entire month is full of concerts in different sabhas and halls of the city.  From Jan 1st, the dance perspective is more in focus – the traditional Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi etc.
The grand Thiruvaiyaru Utsav famous for mass concerts is on presently.   Last year’s footage:
Thivaiyaru Thyagaraja Aaradhana, 2011:
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