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January 18, 2012
From the perspective of 2 people:  My MIL AND I :  we are connected by one bond: my husband who is her son…  yet we are from two different worlds, we look at same things through two different sets of eyes….  I am not blaming my MIL; it all depends on the way we all grow up… on our life struggles and on our life ambitions…
1. About the ration shop queues, i have to mention about my MIL’s distaste for those who have to wait in unending lines to buy groceries. I mean she is not the only one – most of us are either indifferent to or harbour strong antipathy towards those unfortunate living on fringes who have to scrounge for tidbits wherein invariably scuffles break-out in getting to the top of the long queues first. Fight for survival. Survival of the fittest.Queues – you will know the agony when you move in one. Personally, i find even the 20 min in the Immigration queues, an agonizing wait.

Unlike my MIL or any other born-lucky Indian, i am often overwhelmed by the fate of the line-toers. I don’t see the scuffles as ugly low-class fights. Well that’s another term i detest. ‘Low class’ that we freely use. I see the scuffles as struggles – heart breaking struggles, for a bare minimum livelihood. Pushing, pulling- all for what? Insensitivity of some of us for fellow human suffering always bothers me.

After the generous use of the word ‘low class’ i get livid when anyone says, ‘they are like it, they are used to it.’ How easy to condemn and confine the suffering lot to their miserable fates forever? Its like ‘they deserve.’ Deserve the suffering, immune to the environs, deserve the queues, deserve the rationing – whereas we by our noble birth are rightfully born much above this crass world.

I had this argument with my MIL sometime back – about the ‘Vettiyans’ – cremation ground workers who have to work for generations as cremators of the dead. So should a Vettiyan always remain a vettiyan? Will the Gods turn away if a Vettiyan visits a temple? Imagine being born as a son or daughter to the Vettiyan – that’s all you need to do, to get humbled in life.


Likewise when i started watching the tamil film ‘Myna’ in tv, my MIL turned away in distaste for the slummy and the so-called foul low class language/dialect the film was following. I mean, the general environ of the film is not super sophisticated – upto her taste.

So for those of us who think we are elitist and above all this, the picture will not be appealing.


Let me make this clear: My MIL is just a handy sample i am quoting for reference here. A typical society woman. This is how most in my circle are.

So ‘Myna’ is yet another basic film, shot with a realistic storyline and script, strong and natural characters without even a trace of make-up and is NOT BORING.

My MIL started ranting about the days of Vyjayanthimala and Padmini and directors like K Balachander and Sridhar. True, i too love the yester year heroes and heroines and directors; undoubtedly they were classy and those like Balachander are revolutionary theatre personalities who changed our way of thinking for decades. But remember even Balachander handed out a slap-like message in ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ about taking the classical music to masses.

I like the new breed of directors as well, on par with the classy ones from the past.

Like Shankar who gave us Jeans, Hindustani, Anniyan and now Robot for instance. And then Mani Ratnam.

On a parallel wavelength, i also have a taste for natural realistic pictures which are highlight of tamil cinema. Its movies like Myna that are keeping the southern film industry from committing suicide like the present day Bollywood. I will rate the hero of ‘Myna’ much and above Ranbir Kapoors of Bollywood anyday. Whoever is he and the girl?

Myna has had its share of predecessors in the past – like ‘padhinaaru vayadhinile’ which is Sridevi’s first picture starring both Kamal Hassan & Rajni Kanth. Its from this rural story background, all the 3 later went on to become national heroes. Until today, i have watched this earthy picture a dozen times on tv. Sridevi barely 14 years then.

Films like Balachander’s – and those like Myna are 2 different genres – both of which need to exist in cinema industry. Pictures are not for the Inox cinema guys alone. Pictures are for the masses too who come to watch in loads in make-shift tents,

And just like ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ and ‘Aboorva Ragangal’, their story – the story of the masses, needs to be told. I cannot go on living in a impermeable world like mine and pretend ‘ALL IS WELL.’

Nice locations – TN-Kerala border, and since i have just been there and loved it, the picture captured my complete interest.

The 2 characters who are police inspector and constable transporting the accused have virtually lived their roles. I missed the reason why the accused is being taken away (for some trivial reason ofcourse as i could later put together from the script).

(reason is – my frequent trips to kitchen & doing errands.) ( i have to catch up the scenes i missed on you-tube)

Beautiful characterization, human touch, very simple narration and unadorned picturization, no frills, yet the film was moving at a steady pace.

From Shahrukh Khan to Hirithik Roshan to Karan Johar, i would like to invite everyone to watch this picture to understand what cinema and film-making is all about.

Why ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Kite’ bombed – you will know. And why south Indian film industry is ticking on low budget, again you will know. Make meaningful cinema please.

I am not looking for Ranbir Kapoor to dance in a towel in the pictures i see. I want entertainment NO DOUBT – but i want a bit of food for thought as well. I don’t wanna ingest crap in the name of style and make a fool of myself – ITS NOT ‘MYNA’ THAT IS LOW CLASS IT IS FILMS LIKE KITES where the audience are taken for a ride.

I still can’t get over the scene of Shahrukh Khan dropped down by helicopter in his palatial London home in ‘kabhi kushi kabhi gham.’ Sorry i find the picture REVOLTING!

I do cry easily – naturally i cried for ‘Myna.’ – who wouldn’t?

Who are the real heroes may I ask? Its the man who endears you with the character portrayed in the picture you watch – not the one singing in a yacht in a Greek island. Atleast not to me. I am just an ordinary Indian – and may be i can’t understand better things in life. This is my limit, my level honestly.

I am disgusted yet another tamil picture ‘VTV’ is being remade in Hindi right now (ek diwana tha or something, not sure). But after years, ‘3 Idiots’ is remade and released in tamil – which is not necessary. Because, the college going population plus parents like me in TN have already watched ‘3 Idiots’ in hindi. I don’t think ‘Nanban’ the tamil version will make any impact on rural tamil audience.

Bollywood directors: here is this picture ‘Myna’ made in tamil, a romance really – such a heart-touching, loving, moving, loving almost true-life tale, that you can never understand and never produce in hindi the way its been done in tamil. I challenge any of you to make a film like this which is a treat to watch. Interest is still sustained in the picture, for no way through the picture will you yawn – but i do hate tragic ends. And a gory end is something i usually loathe – however in ‘Myna’ the script is convincing enough.

What a way the ruthless powerful class (in this case cops) exploits/subdues the helpless ones living on fringes picking up most minor skirmishes with law enforcement agencies – is beautifully brought out in the picture. Reality.

And finally, what a tender, underlying love story that almost passes away unnoticed?

If you are going to look at the ruffian hero, the slang and slummy environs at the start of the film, you will be missing the gold lying underneath.


Kudos to tamil audience for making this picture a runaway success – not succumbing to films of heroes & heroines singing & dancing in Swiss Alps! Kudos for making good script/narration, story and direction the real heroes of the picture! Thank You!

Myna is my Katrina Kaif! Believe me or not, the cast is fresh, i donno anyone’s name in the film – be it hero,heroine, director or supporting crew.


I liked the tamil picture ‘poo’ (flower) that i saw some years back – in Doha actually. Hero Shrikkanth. Donno about heroine. Liked it very much for its stark simplicity, neat story narration. Pictures like these are the oxygen we need now & then.

For those with a mind like mine, i recommend ‘poo.’

I think its too late to write a review on ‘poo’ but if i get to see it again, i will write up.

And finally making commercial hits out of these low-budget heavy theme pictures is the real hallmark of tamil film industry.

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