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Iran Oil

February 6, 2012


I liked these 2-3 totally different comments/observations that i am re-posting here:
bmbx70 (India)
2 hrs ago (06:07 PM)
Well, India already supported US and EU in its appeal for suggested Syrian resolution to dethrone Assad. That was something India could afford. Going against Iran, which is our second largest crude oil exporter and which is exporting its the most valuable resource against Indian rupees, will put Indian economy at jeopardy. US is not going to provide India with its natural resource so as to meet overwhelming demand of 60 BCM(billion cubic meter) of gas per annum. Iran’s known gas resource is about 30 trillion cubic meter. If India takes the project, esp. at these times, Iran will be indebted forever. India must consider its energy demand over defense armaments, chemical imports, telecom or medical equipment. India should also convince US and EU that in an event of actual war, it would not support Iran. India should also be ready to take the considerable investment losses in case the war becomes a reality. Lastly, US must stop suffocating other countries. I will just wait and watch. This is going to be a real test of India’s top level politics, external affairs and bureaucracy. India will have to weigh thousand factors before taking a decision. I personally favor petroleum and gas imports over telecom and medical equipment, defence armament, civilian aircraft, industrial machinery and anything that we import from the US. Furthermore, US or EU won’t be so stupid as to impose sanction against India just because India pursues petroleum transactions with Iran. First of India is not as rich as many other EU nations in terms of per capita income. Moreover, India is not so small as many other EU nation are in terms of geography and populace. Unless it becomes a matter of life and death, India should pursue this deal. Period.LD Bhatia (Delhi)
2 hrs ago (05:40 PM)
This is a very sensitive issue. When ONGC got the contract for the development of gas field, it should try to complete it in earnest. But then there is the ques- tion of supply of gas to India. India needs gas badly for its power plants. Iran has been dithering in this respect as it wants to supply gas to India on its own terms. Added to this is the worry about security of the pipelines as these would have to pass through Pakistan where they can be sabotaged by the militants who would not like anything vital as gas being supplied to India that through Pakistan. Iran has brought trouble upon itself by defying the world over the development of nuclear power. India buys a lot of oil from Iran and now that too is facing hiccups because of the payment concerns. Things can be sorted out only when there is mutual trust between the two countries. That too unfort- unately is lacking. This can happen only when Iran looks upon India as its sincere friend and does not prefer Pakistan in commercial dealings.

Park (Paris)
5 hrs ago (02:56 PM)

If I remember it is Iran-Pak-India pipe line. I think delay is mainly due to unreliable Pakistan who can turn off the tap anytime. US has armed Pakistan to the teeth including Nuclear at the expense of India. US ignored India like a dirt not to be touched. India had given US the solid proof of Pakistan aiding the Taliban also did not take any notice; Now the chicken have come home to roost but it is too late. It is a hell of a mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we all know Iran is much more powerful and if provoked they will light such a fire that the whole of middle east, Europe will burn. It is Saudis that are financing the Islamist fundamentalist to spread their Wahabi, an old age Sharia and US with Jewish lobby is ignoring it because they get oil and defense contracts without which they will not be able survive ! India has decided it can pay to Iran as a barter system or gold but Pakistan factor. Indians have realized that with the US it is always one way system. After Bhopal India has realized that US wants contracts but will not shore the responsibility for faults, they will sale the system but then blackmail for spares, so Indians will not buy US projects without know how transfer. India should not rely too much on US. We will say India should not rely at all on US. If there is war between China and India then it does not matter as US will not be able to intervene except diplomatically. But the trouble is that Indians are over diplomatic and always will be looser. India has its own market for almost everything unlike US, Europe who do not. To get the consumer Europeans will let in Romania, Albania, Lutvania like very poor countries for consumer market and its citizen will rush to Europe to work making Europeans too expensive to be employed. On top of it the Lutvanians are the criminally minded. They know how to defraud the banks with fake ID an d fake address.

OIL FROM IRAN IS OKAY AGAINST INDIAN RUPEES BUT NO GAS PIPELINE VIA PAKISTAN SOIL.  PERIOD.   SHIP IT!  IN EVENT OF WAR AGAINST IRAN: STAY NEUTRAL LIKE IN CASE OF IRAQ !!!  MANMOHAN’S MANTRA!  JAI HIND!!!  Like our constitution did pass a resolution after Saddam Hussein’s hanging, we can always say sorry later on (!)  Self-interest is the best interest!

Let us Indians not forget, the US is fighting really India’s wars.    India has to learn to live without Iran-oil, looking for alternative energy resources.    I am against withdrawal of NATO troops from both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Thank you America, for doing so much for world peace.  
In case of war on Iran, vested Indian interests must be shock-proof enough to come out of it unscathed.  In other words,  Indian economy is resilient, but can we come out unhurt in event of a war on Iran, when we have an interest element in Iran?  



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