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Reality Check: why we need to keep our feet planted firmly on earth

February 6, 2012

One crore for one sixer…

Beautiful girls like Deepika Padukone vying for his attention…
All world popularity
Raining success whichever direction he turns to – be it advertising or world cup or whatever….
Party animal…. none like Yuvraj in Indian cricketing history….
Young, energetic with the world at his feet….
Adventurous….; ever seen his bungee jumping and underwater escapade pictures?
Luckiest in life…. not easy getting into the national squad in this 1.2 billion nation i know….
Have envied Yuvraj’s pretty mom watching him play from stands in every single match of his…    What a proud mom!  And what a son to have!
So what is that Yuvi has not got in life already?    In 30 years he has seen everything in life i think, touched the peak…
This news humbles me totally;  One can never take everything (or anything for that matter) for granted in life….  And how materialistic we humans tend to get in course of life?  How much we look at petty things through magnifying glass and make it big?
In Yuvraj’s case, can all the megabucks on earth bring back the old, healthy, vibrant Yuvi? Hopefully he will be cured, but a cancer in the lung is no joke whether its first stage or second or third.  If its very close to heart, no hope of surgery ever either…  I don’t know why he must go to US for just chemotherapy … perhaps the probability for surgery might be analysed there…   And about Ayurvedic treatment for cancer….   Ok, i have all respects for age-old traditional Indian medicine, but for cancer patients, Ayurveda is usually the last resort, when allopathy holds no further hope….
I have seen a couple of cancer patients adopt Ayurveda in their terminal days  (like in palliative care).  Not in the treatment/initial stage.  So it makes me wonder, what is the truecondition of Yuvraj now.
Wishing speedy recovery to Yuvi – he need not have to play for India in future, let him be the son his parents want always in their lives,…   let the son survive so he can do the last rites to his parents when they breath last and not vice versa…
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