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for Elephant and Cow lovers

February 10, 2012
Good news/High court order on mother elephant-stranded calf cases & rehabilitation:
Ironic that today’s paper must also report :

I don’t have a pet at home but that does not mean i don’t love animals.  Most of our relatives have pet dogs and even now cats are roaming around my house.  My son has a soft spot for animals –  like you won’t believe how much he loves animals and birds, and INSECTS!

A friend posted this video in Facebook that is making me cry now.  Cows and elephants are my darlings.  Can’t bear the sight of them suffering.  I can’t believe in a nation where cow is equal to our own biological mother and mother goddess, it has to endure such a nightmarish life.
How can i even drink a cup of milk now?
How cruel can human beings get?
I don’t have the courage to share this video with my friends.     Just for this housewarming we welcomed a mother cow and her infant calf into our home, did a pooja and gave them clothes and bananas to feed.
Unable to go on, i am stopping with here.
Fate of my Lord Ganesh:
Not enough tears to shed for you my darling.   This horrible people & land don’t deserve you.
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