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Mathew Hayden’s Homeground

February 11, 2012


Watching it in TLC now for sometime. Like it very much. Today’s episode showed Hayden’s chicken coups, geese, pig farm, ducks, goats with their kids, et. Hayden made a pork dish with locally grown farm meat & vegetables. He also extracted bottles of honey from bees wax in his farmhouse.

SAY ‘THANK YOU’ TO IPL AND ‘CHENNAI SUPER KINGS’ Hayden – but for whom this kinda lifestyle will be impossible for you. I do like country living when I look at his farm house, its really good, and I have seen many other episodes as well…

But i don’t fancy the idea of children growing up alone like his kids do in outbacks or secluded farm houses cut away from humanity – even if its a luxury cottage amid nature’s ethereal beauty. Socializing is a must for me – i mean for children, i think. Looking onto parents for 24 hrs a day, having no other company except for farm animals… donno whether THIS IS healthy….

In all probability i assume, Hayden might be sending his kids to boarding school (in future).

In one episode, he is seen partying in his home with his neighbours, most of whom seem to be flown in or farm owner-neighbours. Each farm must be some 1000 acres or so… and then, what kind of neighbours are these?!

But for this one disturbing factor (which is not MY headache anyway), i find the series very interesting. I cannot cook most of the dishes he cooks or serves or eats like beef and pork (even my son & H wouldn’t touch both), still i enjoy watching this one. Heavily recommended.

Because already, Hayden is a celebrity in Chennai, being a CSK hero. I think i did see a local tv program once where Hayden does Indian dishes in Taj hotel. Can’t recall – but i know he has put together some cookbooks, being greatly influenced by Indian cuisine that he loves.

His love for Indian style of cooking came through when he was making his Pork dish for which he added shredded garlic & ginger. This is distinct Indian style – because chinese use only ginger mostly in dishes while serve garlic in soy sauce in a small side plate (as I have seen in Malaysia) (to be had with rice). The ginger-garlic combi is out-and-out desi style but instead of making a paste, Hayden used shredded ones. (he was making a chinese dish).

My doubts were confirmed soon after when he garnished the dish with freshly cut coriander leaves – a thorough give-away! No curry dish or korma is served in India without a sprinkle of coriander leaves on top!

And coriander is one common feature of both south Indian and north Indian cooking. Not only do you find the coriander in Korma and Butter Chicken masala or Rajma gravy, but also in southern dishes like Sambar and Rasam!!!

So Hayden, you have done a great job of fusing different global flavours – like adding soy sauce which is chinese, adding coriander-ginger-garlic that is Indian and finally putting together a western dish!

Well done man! Great husband to have i think lol!!! Wife is lucky! My hubby can make only dip tea for me – but even if he does that simple job, it will move me to tears!!!


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