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‘Roman Holiday’

February 14, 2012

Wow Gregory Peck! He is my dream date always! Many of today’s heroes are not suave the way he always seems to be on screen. Watched this picture just for him and the classical beauty Audrey Hepburn. Preferred it over the India-Sri Lanka cricket match in the tri-series together with Australia. A strong aversion now for cricket which will take a while to wear off…. started with England series, following now with Australia series….

3 great pics on row in Zee Studio: Breakfast at Tiffany, Roman Holiday and Love Story. I picked this one – mainly the time suited me and i have seen bits and snatches of the picture many times everywhere over years and years…. needed ot bind everything together into a single piece, that’s all…. As for ‘Love story’ – i have read the book long back, i don’t know if its the same one.

But i have to confess i am not very impressed with ‘Roman Holiday’ – and this time i did manage to watch it in full! I like happy endings always and not separations. I knew the story which has been re-made many times in all Indian languages including Tamil. A big disappointment for me still – except for Gregory Peck! I ike his creased forehead, towering personality, gentlemanly approach. The first film i saw of him was ‘Mckenna’s Gold’ in the cinemas in my school days. In love with him ever since!

Worth watching the picture for him. Otherwise i don’t fancy it very much. Too much hype surrounding the film? Very kind gentleman Joe (the hero) is, and very nice gesture. Good understanding between the lovers-for-a-single day. (not lovers in true sense.) Good connection at mind level. I feel sad they had to part!

In life we come across many, many. But its only with very few we get that mind-level telepathy-like connection. I liked the last couple of scenes in the film for this reason – for showcasing this beautiful depth in a relationship. Those who have been there will know what a gift it is.

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