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Payaru (green gram) Dosa

March 16, 2012

Payaru Dosa: (green gram dosa) is totally power-packed, best & most nutritious breakfast to start your day with, sumptuous & filling; i opted for an easy subzi if i can call it that – but seriously i recommend a coconut/tomato/ginger chutney for subzi. children and hubby will love it. very crispy if you eat hot and this is one dish that is both TASTY AND NUTRITIOUS!

this is almost oil-free, if not for the 1 tsp oil used for sauteing; for very crispy dosas, i wipe the tawa with a cut-onion with a dip of 1/4th tsp of oil; used olive oil today


cleaned, washed and soaked Payaru (green gram) – 3-4 cups; soak overnight; soaking for 2 days will give you sprouted Payaru (green gram) which is excellent source of minerals. Or soaked and sprouted Payaru is available off supermarket shelves. because i was in a hurry, i soaked the Payaru just a night before and did not wait it to sprout. but i strongly advise using of sprouted soaked Payaru for getting maximum nourishment from vitamins & minerals.

for sauteing: 2 tsp channa dal, 2 tsp urad dal, 2 tsp mustard seeds, a flake of crushed garlic, a small onion chopped fine, torn curry leaves, asafoetida powder a pinch

oil for sauteing

for batter preparation: water, salt to taste, green chilli 1-2, 1-2 flakes of garlic, 1-2 tbsp of besan or rice flour or both (i have used the left-over idli/dosa batter instead) – this is for giving the payaru dosa batter some consistency; otherwise it will be very creamish and the dosa won’t come out fine.

Method: soak for 1 or 2 days the Payaru 2-3 cups (until sprouting for best results) after cleaning & washing.

wet grind the payaru with enough water and a flake of garlic and green chilli in dosa batter consistency. to this ground batter, add besan and/or rice flour or left-over idli/dosa batter in the fridge for getting the right consistency. add salt and add more water if required.

saute the mustard seeds, crushed garlic clove, asafoetida powder, channa dal & urad dal 2 tsp and when they splutter to golden brown, add finely chopped onion and torn curry leaves and stir fry for 1-2 min. add this sauteed stuff to the ground payaru batter.

take a nonstick tawa or a plain iron tawa and pour the payaru dosa batter like for a regular dosa and wait for it to cook underneath; when the base side is done to golden brown, toss the upper side to the tawa; when the Payaru dosa is crispy enough, it means it is ready to serve.

in this pic: Payaru dosa served with ideal Milagai Podi (regular Tamil Nadu red chilli-gram mixture in olive oil) that goes great with any dosa. alternately if time permits, Payaru dosa can be served with coconut chutney or tomato or ginger chutney.


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