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‘All Ideas are available for criticisms’ : Salman Rushdie

March 19, 2012

In one flat statement, Salman Rushdie expressed in essence, what is meant by democracy, secularism, freedom of thought and free will.   Heard him speak at ‘India Today’ Conclave, New Delhi, 2012, today.

Digging at Imran Khan, Rushdie said, ‘Im is Dim!’   Said, Imran is becoming the mask that he wore, day by day.  ‘Did you see the striking resemblance between Gaddafi and Imran Khan?’ he asked.  ‘In case you wanna make a picture on Gaddafi and you wanted a better face for the dictator, Imran Khan will fit in’ he added, and to my astonishment when I did compare both in my mind’s eye the moment, OMG, believe me or not, there is the connection I see !!!  Only Imran Khan is the most good looking version of the Libyan leader you can ever find on earth LOL !!!
Calling Pakistan politics a Shakepearean tragedy, he said, the difference was, the roles were played by clowns.
On India banning the book ‘Satanic Verses’ Rushdie said, this is the way the threat to individual freedom starts anywhere.’
On a comment about his arm-candies – gorgeous ladies, he said, it was irresistible for him 🙂
It was a delight to hear him speak – i love all rebels unabashedly (!)and i like this rebel very much 🙂  I did read one of Salman Rushdie’s works – can’t recall the name – is it ‘Shame?’  – but i can say its about the Bhutto dynasty in Pakistan.,,,, that was quite a no. of years back so I could be wrong…. and in all honesty i can say, i found it difficult to completely decipher the book, other than which i did not find it threatening or hurting anyone’s sentiments or whatever….
Indeed I remember I was surprised, that Rushdie still got so popular with this kind of shoddy writing!  Credit goes to Rajiv Gandhi for first banning the book in India and thus putting Rushdie in world stage spotlight!
Will look for You-tube video.

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