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‘Azhaghar Saamiyin Kudhirai’ (the horse of Azhaghar Sami)

April 15, 2012

This national award winning tamil picture has a hero who is charcoal black and short, with frizzy unkempt hair and a big pot belly; in brief he honestly looks like a wild boar 🙂 But then this is tamil cinema, as natural and basic and it can get. Here directors don’t hesitate to lay bare the starkest scenes in various facets of humans in all walks of life.

The picture is an intelligent sarcasm of the superstitions of local villagers. In this particular story, it revolves around the white horse of Azhagar Sami.

Non tamils might not be aware: Azhaghar Sami (beautiful god/man) is a tamil name for Lord Vishnu who presides in the city of Madurai. Every year on an auspicious day Ahaghar is carried in a white horse chariot into the river Vaigai in a grand ceremony. The locals and villagers in and around Madurai have this belief, when Azhaghar gets into the river, he will give good rains for their crops.

Many small Vishnu temples around Madurai have this custom. The village in this picture is one such a rural society where age-old beliefs are still respected and adhered to.

The movie opens with the village oldies visiting homes in muddy streets seeking donations for the annual temple festival. When they return, they find that the horse idol which is the main feature of the chariot is missing from the temple.

A fake guruji descends upon the village and promises the villagers to find the horse for them. He steals a wandering live white horse and turns the same to villagers calling it a divine intervention.

When the original owner of the horse, a young and burly man from a distant village (our hero) finds the horse, he claims it and earns the wrath of the ignorant and illiterate village folks. Its a ‘do or die’ situation for the hero.

The following scenes that play out are a brilliant mockery of the great ignorant Indian rural populace and their stupid superstitions. How the hero finally wins back his horse and flees the village is the story.

Happy ending; all village characters are natural, in a natural setting; not a single made-up face or funny costumes; good and convincing story line; and if the climax looks dramatic a bit, care has been taken to bring about the cine effect in the most natural and convincing manner which is the high point of the picture.

Have the satisfaction of watching a good and well narrated, and most importantly well-meaning but sarcastic, satirical and non-offending story. Credit goes to the script writer and director. Casting of crew can’t be any better. SRK watch out: this black, short, ugly ruffian with unkempt hair and pot belly and unwashed body was named the best actor of India when the picture won the national award.

OMG i don’t even know his name!

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