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Excitement of an Arranged Marriage :-)

June 2, 2012

Who says love marriages are best?  Only those of us who have arranged marriages can be knowing the adrenaline rush that comes with marrying a total stranger.  Curiosity factor for atleast some 7-10 years makes ours most interesting, sometimes over love marriages.  First 5 years is like a dating period really!

Love this song that epitomizes love in arranged marriages – and the excitement in the brief engagement period.  We guys touch a peak as most of us who opt for arranged marriages (atleast in my times!) have very minimal contact with opp sex until life turns a new leaf.  Some of my friends and relatives who have had love marriages say, this is the reason arranged marriage couples maintain interest for a long, long time to come (like even in their 60s!)
My advice to my son always:  keep a distance with girls.  don’t get too used to their presence, proximity.  this i am saying – not like a moral police.  this i am saying because as a mother i want my son to experience the sort of adrenaline rush we parents have felt, the sort of excitement we parents have experienced.   too much exposure to opp sex these days is killing the fun in married life for the present gen couples.
My friends and I, even in 40s, feel strong excitement, adrenaline in our veins when it comes to men.  Most girls and boys in their 20s look already dull and listless.
‘genjal mudhal konjal varai
vikkal mudhal thummal varai
kattil mudhal thottil varai
avale, avale, avale…….
beautiful beautiful verses which mean:
from begging(pleading) to petting
from hiccups to sneezes
from bed to the cradle
its her, her, her….
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