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Junior Masterchef Australia

June 11, 2012


Wow what a talented bunch of kids, what a discipline,what a dedication, what a sincerity, what an execution, what a pride,what a joy – all the greatness of Australia bottled up in one neat program that captivates my heart like none other (tv presentation).

Clearly, after watching this one i have no doubts in my mind about how spoilt our own Indian kids are – shame on us Indian parents to pamper and make our kids losers (well not quite) (but i feel a seething anger at all indians including myself, myself first)…. for all the wastes and scums we are producing, for all the lazy lot we are encouraging and letting our nation go to dogs…

Greatest nations on earth have solid foundations. Solid human foundations. Human resources foundation. Why Australia is winning in every sphere is pretty evident if you watch this program.

Shame on us Indians is all i can say again.

No child in India can match even a single kid of theirs in any aspect. Shame on us Indian parents. Irresponsible.

Ok, waiting for the grand finale soon.

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