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Living with the Superstar

June 11, 2012

Watched in TLC today ‘Living with the Superstar’ – on Shahrukh’s personal life with his family in his palatial Mumbai seafront house ‘Mannat’ – wow what an ultimate in luxury! Definitely bollywood stars know how to live life kingsize – i doubt even if Rajni Kanth and Chiranjeevi, the greatest superstars from south, could be richer than most bollywood stars, they would ever dare to live life in mega size like this! Just think of Rajni’s dirty and soiled dhoti kurtha and his chappal-less feet on his annual pilgrimage to the Himalayas for ‘tapas’ (penance) in solitude to come to terms with his own himalayan success!

Quite 2 contrasting characters – but then, SRK is a younger guy and obviously flashy just like most northerners are. Don’t blame him. We all have our own philosophies in life. After all, SRK is not living off borrowed or begged money – each and every single paise of his is self-earned, not even inherited.

But Gauri Khan is overtly made up and artificial, even Shahrukh has too much make-up on him, everything somehow still looks extremely cosmetic – i donno how one could live a cozy life with family with a battalion of 32 or so house-servants, receptionist in the lobby etc. Privacy is the greatest casualty even within 4 walls of SRK’s precious home.

Personally, i don’t like my housemaid lingering in my place for more than an hour daily. Like more than the bare minimum necessary time. I can’t imagine how people, especially celebrities, can grant so much access to their most personal abode/living spaces to paid servants. Dusting to making the bed, i do things on my own – i hate the thought of anyone else doing it for me, touching our personal things. Serious violation of privacy here.

‘Mannat’ is the ultimate in luxury no doubt – the stretch of private beach SRK is able to enjoy with his family near his property in over-crowded Mumbai. I wonder how many industrialists and billionaires and other wealthy people like the Ambanis and Bachchans could even compete with SRK in this one matter.

Did I mention about his fabulous terrace garden that gives one an bird’s view of the Mumbai city bordered by the vast expanse of the sea? Wow what a view, man! I did not get to see the swimming pool though.

Shahrukh seems to be fond of his children and though he showed off his daughter as well along with his wife, he seems to be closest with his son Aryan that touches my heart. Never expected this worldfamous daddy to call his son, ‘the best friend i never had in my life.’ Aryan looks so, so innocent and somewhat lanky, given that his parents aren’t too tall. Reason could be that fabulous gym and the work-outs he is doing with his dad and his trainer right in the basement of his palace.

Anyway, Aryan looks so sweet – watch out for Aryan Khan, bollywood hero in the making, who will debut in 2020s.

I saw the program when it was on already for 20 min or so, but would like to catch up with the rest in you-tube or next time in TLC.

The cam could not help zooming in on the mammoth ‘Om’ in Shahrukh’s living/den – before the program winded off.

Nice one – Shahrukh – I am your faithful follower since your ‘Fauji’ days when i was in school i think – i don’t remember. Then i was searching for your face for years before you surfaced in yet another tv serial ‘Circus’ – this was in 1993, the year i married.

After that i was shocked to see this face in ‘Baazigar’ – some years later!

By 2010, i had had enough of SRK and was sick of him.

This program on TLC got out the human side of this great superstar. There must be some magic in him – otherwise none can make it so big in real life.

The magic was there in ‘Fauji’ – the magic was there in ‘Circus.’ I remember telling my newly wed husband while seeing ‘Circus’ in star plus. ‘There he is! i donno what his name is – forgotten; but i have been searching for him for years now!’

Today in this tv program i caught a glimpse of that old SRK magic that went missing along the way as he rose to his superstardom slowly slowly.

I wish this happy family happiness always!

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