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‘Saudagar’ starring Amitabh Bachchan

July 30, 2012

Old Amitabh Bachan picture with Nutan. Very nice. Seeing it for first time. What a natural picture. Can’t believe once hindi cinema was like this. And to what level it has come down presently. Heroes like Amitabh, Kamal and Rajni must not be judged by their present crop of films – you have to see their old pix to understand how they got to where they are currently.

Samething with Rajni and Kamal. Kamal continues to be a classy actor while Rajni became a mass hero like Amitabh compromising a lot on characterization of his roles.

Amitabh is real good in this pic. The song ‘sajna hai mere, sajna ke liye’ is long forgotten. All the goodness of old bollywood films was packed in this one in right mixture. In fact this one was down to earth real-life.

You know i was wondering what a differently composite mosaic Indian population is. Because see, there is this original desi occupation of making gur from palm trees for some which is chief livelihood for some people, mostly marginal, lower caste ones  – a very unlikely occupation in other parts of the world. Like this there are dozens and dozens of professional/occupational activities for our people in all levels who form the complex fabric of the Indian society who continue in the same family business/occupation as their forefathers for generations. Each and every member of this unique social fabric  is important for our survival, for the society to function smooth. This way everyone seems to be engaged profitably in some business of other and mostly the masses keep out of trouble.  So this is what came to my mind when i was watching the picture.

I am making a point here of this because many such traditional occupations of rural Indians and marginalized Indians are vanishing presently or are in a dying state.   Agreed, some like poster-making with hand paintings has given way to digital photoprints that serve as hoardings for over a decade now.  This is one sphere where the urban and semi-literate poor were starting to get affected, but because these were city folks, they could move on to other lines easily.  Can’t say the same about rural folks.

In any case, many Indian arts and crafts like pottery, hand embroidery etc are dying a slow death already.  There is none in fact in my city today to do/repatch/repair an old ‘madras roofing/clay tiling’ which is a sad affair.   Yes, we have moved on, still one feels a small ache at the bottom of the heart.

Back to the picture,

I was thinking of the palm arrack which is very popular in Kerala hahahahaha! First when the picture started, that’s what crossed my mind: i thought that Amitabh (moti) was collecting the palm arrack to sell in the local bazaar! bcoz its very normal and usual in Kerala for some men to do this. Palm arrack is even added in their traditional breakfast steamed ‘appam’ which is like rice pancake (not idlis) for fermentation!

I think, from the attire of lungi worn by Amitabh inthe picture, the story is based in bengal and the family in the picture is bangla muslim,

I wish hindi cinema recaptures its lost glory. Heartened to see Amitabh doing such a natural acting.


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