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‘Ra One’

August 4, 2012

I am always late in writing up reviews because mostly i watch films only when they are played in tv. ‘Showcase’ movies are sold in Tata Sky for continuous viewing for a week i know – but never bought one in last 5 years. Ever since upgrading to Tata Sky Plus with recording feature, i am enjoying tv viewing in HD which is altogether a different experience. Moreover in HD channels like in star movies, HBO etc, the advts play up only for 30 sec and that too once in 30 min only. So good pictures are a real pleasure to watch in HD version of Tata Sky Plus with Recorder – i think even Dish TV, Airtel etc must be having very good HD versions. I would seriously recommend anyone to upgrade to this level of sat tv. Science fictions, hollywood pictures, even some dramatically shot sensational bollywood/tamil songs and sports viewing are best in HD versions.

So Ra-One was a great experience for me today right in my own home. As usual i think i missed the first 30 min.

Its funny that the lousy actor that SRK is by nature, in this one picture where he has to function like a robot, he has tried to give some emotion to the creature!

I found the picture engrossing – but what is the need to mince, pound, chew and spit tamil like this Kareena and Shahrukh? You guys could have easily engaged a tamil dubbing artiste. I think both would have wanted to do it by themselves to give some authenticity to the characters. SRK looks sexy in dhoti hahahahaha! Really love him like this like a typical madarasi tamil ‘ammanji’ in white plain dhoti and shirt than in 3 piece suit lol ! I do think men look sexiest in dhotis kurthas hahahaha! By the way, its me who ties dhoti for my H – i tuck it into his waist belt as my H cannot hold it by himself like normally men do. My father would change to clean white dhoti right after he came home from office. My FIL, my uncles everyone used to think dhoti is the most respectable male dress on earth! Scientifically also its much healthiest option for men than tight fit jeans. But how to explain this to my teenage son?!

Technically i feel Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot’ is much superior to ‘Ra-one’ and many scenes like the train scene reminds you of Robot invariably. Still ‘Ra One’ is good on its own and children will definitely love it with its game theme attraction. That way ‘Ra one’ is more appealing to kids of India i would say than mechanical and extremely technical ‘Robot’. Ra-one has surprisingly some emotion thrown in.

Not good enough like a hollywood picture, still both Robot and Ra-one are indian pictures and our kids have some superheroes right in India to call their own = not just batman and superman and spiderman from the west. I think this is the most essential point we must keep in mind about both Robot and Ra-one.

Oflate i also find my son’s generation reading a lot of Indian authors in English. My son keeps up with western authors also – he has read everything in original – i think he finished all Harry Potter books within one week after they were published, Lord of Rings everything. … Shri is a voracious reader and he mostly reads sci-fis and hates fictions that are my faves. Its a pleasant surprise that some Indian authors are writing not just science fictions and creating Indian superheroes but are also touching unfamiliar/unexplored territories like religion (Shiva trilogy by Amish Tiwari), student life and future career, banking triology etc etc. My son says he can relate better with Indian authors. Bharathi, my friend Shob’s daughter in class 12 now says, ‘aunty who wants to read Sidney Shelden now? that is a fiction based in america. i am more interested in contemporary indian english writing where the backdrop is Indian scenario.’

So that’s why i love Ra-one and Robot. They mean more to the kids of India. And how many countries can even conceive and make such super pictures like India does? Only China, Japan, Korea and India can ever produce/conceive pictures like this in Asia – rest of Asia is crap, fit for nothing.

Because Robot was conceived by director Shankar of Jeans fame right in Chennai. Giving his dreams a shape, Shankar worked for years with technicians and computer experts sculpting Robot inch by inch. For getting all-India appeal, Shankar first approached SRK but SRK refused the role. Because Shankar thought the dusky Rajnikanth as Robot wouldn’t be appealing to north Indian audience. Finally Rajni was cast as Robot as Shankar had no other option – and Rajni was the best horse to bet on in south India. That Robot became an all-India hit and rage is another story – with Rajni Kanth becoming a household name in villages of Orissa, Bengal and Rajasthan.

I think Robot somehow has eclipsed Ra-one – in any case Ra-one is a hastily conceived picture as one can easily see, I UNDERSTAND SHAHRUKH KHAN INITIATED THE RA-ONE PROJECT FOR THE ONLY REASON THAT SOMEONE LIKE RAJNIKANTH WHO IS 60+ BEING LABELLED SUDDENLY THE SUPERSTAR OF INDIA – DID N’T GO DOWN WELL WITH HIM. AND SRK MISSES NO OPPORTUNITY TO POKE FUN AT SENIOR ACTORS WHETHER IT IS IN ‘OM SHANTI OM’ OR IN ‘RA-ONE’. Rajni and Kamal don’t need the SRK stamp of approval; after all they don’t dance at wedding receptions like the khans for 1 crore or endorse coke or pepsi for extra tips – they are our heroes always and evergreen superstars always who retain their self-respect in the eyes of the masses always. SRK or any other Khan can never dislodge their solid positions down south. who bothers? I believe a Rajni dupe played the single shot in Ra-One as Robot – which was done without Rajni’s permission. The magnanimity of Rajnikanth lay in brushing it all off with a smile and even a congratulatory call to SRK. Superstars of the south are thus much much above all this pettiness. All you have to do is watch their old films – be it Rajni or Kamal or Mamooty to learn of their calibre. NOT A SINGLE PICTURE OF SRK IS IN OLD RAJNI/KAMAL/MAMOOTY/OR EVEN AMITABH’S CALIBRE, GOT IT?

So SRK has to evolve still. He is not yet in the same plane as Rajni or Kamal or Amitabh. Rising above pettiness with age defines the character of a man afterall.

Still like i said i liked Ra-one because, SRK ,after Rajnikanth, has gone on to give the kids of India, a very beloved and precious gift. The gift of promise. The gift of hope. The gift of dream.

For that one reason, i have to thank both SRK and Rajnikanth and above all director Shankar – for taking Indian cinema to its next level.

One last thing: i used to call my father ‘appa’ and my mother ‘amma.’ My son calls me ‘ma’ and his dad as ‘daddy’ – i miss the warmth of the old simple words/namecalls ‘amma’ and ‘appa.’ In the picture daughter Neha is calling SRK ‘appa’ a 1000 times – and a million kudos to that!


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