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best medal haul ever :-)

August 12, 2012

London Olympics 2012 is India’s best-ever

Two silvers – one for Sushil Kumar for wrestling today and one for Vijay Kumar for shooting;

Sushil creates history by winning medals back-to-back in both Beijing (2008) and London (2012) Olympic games.

Four bronzes – one for Saina Nehwal for badminton, one for Mary Kom for boxing, one for Gagan Narang for shooting and one for Yogeshwar Dutta for wrestling.

Expected 6 golds minimum – miss the tennis medal for Team India the most; took for granted one for either men’s doubles or mixed doubles – such a sore disappointment.

Other golden disappointments are Saina Nehwal (unlucky to play the world champion chinese in semi-final) and 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bhindra for shooting.

Some cheering news atleast after scores of newstories on corruption, crime, lawlessness, poverty and fatal accidents.

Knowing our finicky eating habits sans beef and pork and regular exercises, its no wonder India ranks lowest in the medal tally list while US and China top the list followed by Australia, Europe and even African nations.   Before anyone points out an accusing finger at us: why can’t these guys consider if they would be where they are without eating beef?   So am I giving here too much credence to beef (and me being a vegetarian makes meat the toughest imaginable food always).

Sports and games are like religion in countries like China and Australia.  But here in India, children are raised with only one goal in life: ‘become either a doctor or an engineer.’    Earning a decent living is top priority always.   And we Indians would rather hoard more gold  jewelry and stash currency in bank deposits than spend a penny on our investing in our children’s physical training/activity.   Buying first house, then the second house, then the third one, leasing everything except for the one we live in and earn extra rentals…. this is our top family agenda always.   This is what i was preached at home too, and this is how i am raising my son admittedly!   So how can I make a general complaint about my fellow countrymen?

This is our fixed lifestyle now i think.   Will we ever be able to change?

So those who know India and Indians (other than us Indians) can perfectly understand why and how we fail miserably in the sports arena where we need to prove our physical prowess.  Guess this is also this is the confirmed Indian psyche and Indian culture 🙂

So those who break the routine and invest their time and energy and resources on sports activities are indeed (strange) special people. We have to give it to them for making it big inspite of being born in India, as Indians.


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