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no complete glossary sorry

August 21, 2012

I am using an old digital cam for clicking the pix for my recipes which must explain the quality of pictures.   Not a gourmet cook or anything.   Putting forth tried and tested recipes only with slight personal improvements to suit our taste buds… and strictly no chemical additives or preservatives or colours…  Homely and nutritious food is my mantra – and if we can add good taste to that, guess it will be better.  As much as possible i discourage outside food.

Also i am clicking the pictures as I cook, while working with wet hands with sink and stove closeby as also my blender etc.   So pictures  are not like they are from photo-shoot sessions naturally.  Strictly no window-dressing.  A confession:  i am poor in presentation as the pictures reveal.

As I cook only for my family using locally available ingredients, i am not enclosing a complete glossary here for the hindi/tamil names of spices, etc.   Would try to add on as comments later when I find time.




Want to add this on curry powder or red chili-dhania (coriander seeds) powder which is a basic ingredient in Indian cooking, especially south Indian:


Home-made curry powder:  I make curry powder at home.  This is the formula:  DRY red chili – 250 gms,  coriander seeds or dhania – 250 gms, a tsp of raw rice, a tbsp of black pepper, a tbsp of tuar dal or lentils, a tbsp of mustard seeds, a tbsp of cumin seeds.    I mix all these dry ingredients and dry them again under hot sun for a day or two.  Later dry grind it in mixer or in a shop (such shops are commonplace in India).  Easiest ofcourse is to buy the curry powder off the store shelf.  In that case, one has to take care to get red chili or curry powder plus coriander seeds powder separately for use.   In case you make curry powder of this volume a home, it can be stored safe in dry jars for upto 1 year without refrigeration.  In places that are moist round the year, refrigeration can be done and shelf life can be prolonged upto 2 years.

Curry Powder for urgent/quick use:  How to substitute for curry powder on short notice.  Store dry red chili and coriander seeds separately in jars in your kitchen.  For this dish, you can take upto 6-7 dry red chili plus 2 tsp of coriander or dhania seeds, a tsp of tuar dal or lentil,  half a tsp of raw rice, a tsp of cumin, mustard seeds, black pepper combined – roast everything on low flame WITHOUT A DROP OF OIL in a shallow pan and powder the same.   This is the freshest curry powder you can make at home and you can make it just with red chili and coriander seeds/dhania if you wish to.



My limited Glossory:


1. Toor dal or tuar dal in hindi = thuvaram paruppu in tamil = red gram in english




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