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veg-non veg classifications

August 21, 2012

It is said that complete food is one that has all sixrasas or tastes – sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter and astringent. In a typical South Indian platter the first item served is a kheer (sweet) and the second is usually sour. This is represented by a digestive — usually a quick pickle. Pickle taken in small quantity along with food acts as an appetizer and digestive


(copied from somewhere)



I am including separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories under my ‘Madarasi Kitchen’ section as Indian cuisine essentiallycomprises of both.  More over state to state, and district to district within each state, and even from caste to caste, community to community, we boast of distinctive speciality local cuisines and therefore you cannot find the same staple food in all corners of India.

But now there is somewhat a generalization – finally i guess we are reaching there which is next to impossible, given our ‘Khana Ghazana’ (food treasury) that is limitless in supply… and already there are many shows on TLC everywhere on our food…. still over the years i guess our national/staple restaurant meal has somehow evolved like this: comprising of roti (unleavened bread) plus rice plus dal (lentil) plus a vegetable curry + a vegetable stew + (a nonvegetarian curry/stew in case its a non veg platter) plus essentially curd with pickles and papads (like fries).

I am giving here whatever i cook in my home in Chennai where we have our own distinct flavour.    Don’t wanna go into breakfast, lunch/dinner, snack categories once again.   Clubbing everything into as much minimum categories as possible to keep things simple.


Basically a vegetarian from birth, i am trying my hand in non-vegetarian cooking for the sake of my husband and my son who both relish meat.   There must not be anything in the world of food that i must not be able to do for them – well not everything, still their favourite food atleast – so i forced myself to learn the recipes, re-invent them and present them as my own menus.   They are a hit in my family, honest !

So whatever is posted in my non-vegetarian category is special because, i have only cooked the items but never tasted them in my life nor do I intend to in future ever.  (Don’t ask me, rinsing meat/fish is toughest for me; can’t eat the whole day after that!)  (how can people EAT this stuff actually?!)

I still swear by vegetarianism.    Is it too much to ask you to try living a vegetarian life one day of the week  🙂


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