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Sri Rama Rajyam

September 9, 2012

Watched the great Indian saga (others could call it a myth – but its never so for us) ‘Ramayan’ in yet another version, this time it being  the latest tamil film ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ (Sri Ram’s kingdom/reign) starring Nayanthara as Sita and NTR’s grandson as Lord Ram.

Missed the first part as usual (today being sunday and so first kitchen duties beckon) until Raam defeats Raavan in Sri Lanka and returns to Ayodhya and the coronation ceremony of the king is celebrated through out the kingdom with fanfare.    But watched most of the second part – the ‘Lava, Kusa’ story.

Never believed, the epic tale i grew up listening to everynight as bedtime story until atleast my 10th year (where are the story telling days now?) and one I have read as a part of my saturday prayer (‘Sundara Kaandam’ alone can be recited at home, for the Lord Himself did not wish his sad lifestory to be recited and told over the Pooja by the citizens of this nation) , could even today bring tears to my eyes scene by scene frame by frame.

Kudos to the director who made this possible in the modern era when beliefs are laughed at and local culture is berated.  Growth and prosperity need not have to mean westernization.   My son joined me for a while before the tv and i got it immediately that he liked it.  He knows bits and parts (not being religious by nature and i don’t force it on him either) but questioned me why the king has to bow to the wishes or directions of his citizens and send the queen to the jungles.   ‘This is utter foolishness!’ he declared, his young blood boiling!

I said, ‘that’s why even today in India we long for ‘Rama Rajya.’   A ruler has to set an example for the society to take cue from him and follow.   And therefore personal sacrifices sometimes become inevitable.   Lord Ram could have been cruel evicting his wife from the palace when she was heavily pregnant, but that is the ‘Manu Needhi Dharma’ , a prescribed code of conduct, that once prevailed in this nation for centuries, for millenniums, can you believe me?   Bowing to the citizens fair judgement (or assessment) (as deemed fit) and leading by example was a ruler’s first and foremost duty.’  When a citizen of the nation had reasons to believe the king was at fault, a good king listened to his voice.   When the bell tolled, it expressed to the king, the citizens’ peeves.   Ram clearly led by example and when a suspicion rose (by the day’s standard of moralities), the king thought that it was necessary to exile Seetha who came under a cloud of suspicion (atleast in the washerman (a citizen)’s eyes).

I added, ‘None ruled this land like Raam did dispensing impartial justice; Ram was a descendant of ‘Bharat’ who ruled India over 6,000 years ago atleast (or from before who knows), which is why until today we call our motherland ‘Bharat’ irrespective of the fact that the British invaders re-christened (!) us ‘India.’     For us Indians who are followers and descendants of Bharat and Ram, our motherland will always remain ‘Bharat’ first and foremost.

And which is why ‘Ram’ is the name we still give our boys in our land just the same way like ‘Bharat’ and which is why i am calling you ‘Shriraam’ as well.   No human ever walked on earth like our Raam  did and no human will follow him that way to eternity.’

Not sure whether i impressed my son in the matter but i guess from his quietness he was agreeing with me.

Said Shriraam, ‘it seems Ram himself said nothing is permanent and even the utopia he left behind would not last forever.’  (from his knowledge of history/our culture from reading ‘Shiva’ by Amish Tiwari)

I said, ‘that’s the beauty of our land.   we are the only nation who have not invaded others in history because the same Ram Rajya that prevailed once prohibited our forefathers from committing terrible acts.   Ram ruled by principles of  ‘dharma,’  and equality and justice were his ruling mantra.   Look at our politicians today.   How can this happen to a land where once ‘Ram Rajya’ prevailed?’

Raam was an ‘Eka Patni Vrathan.’  Today’s youngsters mock at Seetha’s virtues, especially our so-called feminists.   But the fact remains, Ram himself was an ‘ek patni vrathan’ meaning a one-woman man whose follower we are today.   Ram would shirk at the shadow of any other woman than his wife Seetha as the going says, and until today in India a majority of boys and girls still stay virtuous until marriage and even after marriage live like albatrosses just between themselves, just the two of them, like Raam and Seetha did by example millennium and millennium earlier.   That is the power of our glorious ancestors even in this 21st century when I am blogging our unwritten history.


And Ram-Seetha lifestory is the first eternal love story of India.




The picture is extremely well made using latest technology and naturally some antis are presented that might allow the terming of ‘Ramayan’ as a mythological work – which it is not.  If Ramayan is a myth, then Christ walking on water is also a myth by the same logic. That’s it.  I will never accept my ancestry as a myth as publicized by missionaries and charities of foreign nations who occupied India.    This is a deep-planted mischievous notion in the minds of the locals by our invaders, but as more excavation works are going on  (refer bottom), proofs for both ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharat’ are emerging to surface.   Some amount of myth could have been concocted and introduce over centuries along with basic facts, to consolidate our ancient history but for most parts, the essence of truth remains the solid same.    But the tragedy is,  how deeply driven the ‘myth’ psychology is affecting some of us Indians with a section of our own people calling our ancient history ‘a myth.’ which is the greatest damage done by the British to the nation called India.   The idea is slowly changing, the mindset is slowly finally re-shaping up as more and more evidences are being dug up to prove how true our ancient history is, heritage is.  Ever since ‘Ramayan’ sites were unearthed in Sri Lanka and the town of ‘Dwarka’ of Mahabharat days was found under the sea off Gujarat coast, we have concrete and irrefutable evidences now showing how ancient our rich Indian culture and history is and how oldest in the world our civilization is.


There is a temple called ‘Eri katha Raamar’ temple in Maduranthakam, some 150 km from Chennai.  The name means ‘Raam who saved the lake.’   Legend has it that a British collector by name Blaze who administered this area in the 19th century was once worried about the flooding of lake and drowning of the temple and town due to heavy downpour and storm.   The night the storm was expected to blow, the collector visited the banks of the lake for inspection.   There he saw 2 men who looked like princes with bows and arrows, walking up and down the shore bunds looking like guarding something.   Blaze asked the servants and officers who accompanied him about the 2 men.   But others said they saw nothing that confused Blaze.  Finally it emerged as if the vision occured to only Blaze and none other.

Blaze returned home but when he woke up next morning he learned that there was no storm that night.   Blaze visited the temple that day and to his utter amazement found the same 2 young princely men with bows and arrows being worshiped as deities/gods Lord Ram and Lakshman by the locals.   Blaze built the temple for the town which still stands with pride until today.

Blaze could have been British, but may be in his previous birth he was a hindu or someone who lived in Raam Rajya who knows? Or else why should he have had that brilliant miraculous vision of the Lord himself ?

(there is a slight difference about the vision / and of the Lord revealing himself so i have attached links for 2 versions but in essence the fact remains, the Lord did show himself to Blaze one rainy night in Madurantakam.)


Anyway back to the picture, its a very lengthy one spanning over 3 hrs that requires immense patience and concentration to watch.   The ad breaks are a blessing really even if they tend to increase the running time on tv.   But the quality of the picture and the settings are breathtaking.  Must have cost the world, no doubt.

The film is made very well that way, dialogues are scripted good and even if i have watched ‘Ramayan’ as a tv mega tv serial in Doordarshan channel in hindi in my school days in the 80s for over 2 continuous years, and as old-times pictures like ‘Sampoorna Raamayan’ – i find this latest version of ‘Ramayan’ to be the best made ‘Ramayan’ ever in celluloid screen.   Utmost care is taken for minutest details which is tough i know.   Doing a period film is like recreating history which is not an easy task.  The director has done a fantastic job here.

The boys (or girls?) who acted as Lava and Kusha have given a remarkable performance.  Punch dialogues delivered at express-train speed!   Good delivery of dialogues and good selection of voices.   Excellent choice.   NRS’s grandson attempted to look the way his grandfather did in his days’ pictures, is a pathetic attempt with his pot belly still because he acted as ‘Lord Ram’ i forgive him the torture!   Nayanthara as ‘Seethat’ was a complete surprise.

I do cry easily but when the ‘Lava Kusha’ part started, my weeping got continuous!  How much Seetha had to endure and how much in the name of justice for the nation Ram penalizes his own family, sacrifices his own personal pleasures?   Shame on present day rulers and selfish administrators of India.

Ram says in one scene, ‘for the sake of Rajyalakshmi, i have sacrificed my Grihalakshmi!’ – what a powerful statement.  Will we ever have leaders of nation like this?

And what is wrong with Seetha’s life?   Lets not forget, all this happened thousands of years back and in a different plane of time, when virtuosity for women was given utmost importance (but wasn’t also Ram ‘ek patni vrathan?’ .  It was so even until very recently even in european nations.  Only in last 100 years or so, world culture changed to a significant level to give women a more liberated status.

Seetha was an epitome of supreme virtuosity, sacrifice, love and kindness and beauty and dignity.   ‘There was never a woman like Seetha again and there will never be one ever in future’  my grandmother would tell me as if she had been  Seetha’s neighbour!

Telling our chilren the ‘Ramayan’ story is telling our children our own ancient history.   Every child in India must grow up knowing about ‘Rama Rajya’ and as to how Rama ruled this nation with the principle of ‘dharma.’   I think its too much to expect a ‘Raam Rajya’ in any part of the world today .. .   still what is there in trying to restore atleast 10% of what it was like in Ram Rajya, in India today?

But then, Ram might commit suicide if He is to return to India today.   And speaking of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram wherefrom he ruled this nation like all Surya Vamshi kings ruled, and where Babri Masjid was built by the invader-moghul emperor Babur on DEMOLISHING THE INITIAL HINDU TEMPLE STRUCTURE FIRST that had stood in the same exact spot for eons – and where as retribution the Babri Masji was razed by Hindu radicals in 1993 and because of which the Bombay Stock Exchange was bombed killing 200 by islamic terrorists and for which same reason India is terrorized until today….

What has come to your Ayodhya Lord Ram?  Will there ever be a ‘Ram Rajya’ in this country again?


Time to re-write Indian history?

‘History of the world’ is scripted by victors, not losers right?   So is it time Indian govt re-writes our splendid history scoring off  the history of present India as scripted by the British to suit their purposes and serve their self-interests?

Let me make it clear:  i am married to a civil engineer who is awed always by the manner the British surveyed every square centimeter of entire Indian subcontinent including today’s Pakistan – we do appreciate the great work our occupiers did for us for over 3 centuries even if they stripped us bare of most of our wealth and temple treasures in the process;    the British have left another kind of treasure for us forever to cherish: a wealth of information on our geographical landscape that would not have been done by local self-government,  to this detailed extent with that remarkable precision they did when there was hardly any electricity, and life in general was tough.   Not entirely ungrateful – but its true i do nurture a sort of resentment and anger for the way they still think of us as ‘colonials.’     The reason is, Ram himself ensured that Indians are not warriors by genes.   We can never be.   And India was a glorious rich land that everyone wanted to occupy and rule for centuries.

Often wonder why India and China never had visa regimes all those centuries back?   What happens today in UK or anywhere in the west is simply a reverse migration.   For 3 centuries, British lived and used India and Pakistan and China as they wished.  Much of their national treasury comprises to the present day, of wealth stripped off India and Africa.  So its only right that that Asians today have turned UK into an immigrants wonderland (though i have never been there.  will one day as a tourist).  The one serious offence i can never forgive the British is calling of our 10,000 year or perhaps older civilization and beliefs as ‘myth.’  Or its also possible that they came to this conclusion as there was not enough existing evidence in those days to authenticate Ramayan or Mahabharat.    Still, no myth can be followed and believed for generations for tens of thousands of years by a population without a shred of truth in it and the British must have known that.   Suppressing the native culture is the worst damage they could have done to their erstwhile colonies.

(Please this is not a hate blog – i am simply a housewife who scribbles whatever i feel genuinely at heart.  in any case, what is the use of doing all this post mortem? )

Anyway, here are the evidences for Ramayan and Mahabharat:

Keeping in view the recent archeological discoveries, it is only lgocial that govt of India re-writes our school and university history text books, injecting  fresh knowledge about our ancestry to our younger generation which will go a long way in boosting  their self-esteem and pride.

Time to challenge history as was written by our invaders; there are a lot of fields where they have been seriously wrong.  Watching ‘Ramayan’ today brought out in me so much emotions.    So this is our story; this is our history; who dares anymore to call it a myth?   I wish a sensible change of government at the center in India takes up these issues for due consideration and restores our past glory, re-writing our history text books.   One might ask if this necessary, but i feel THIS IS NECESSARY.    None has the right to tell me I am not who i supposedly have been always.   Let it take decades or perhaps longer; a thorough scientific verification has to be instituted and Indian history and in the process world history needs to be re-written.   We have to do this truly if we want truth to prevail.  This is for the sake of not just India or Indians; world needs to know the right facts as they were.

It will someday happen i hope.   Satyameva Jayate!

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