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Anantha Vratham Pooja

October 1, 2012

Updated 27th Sep 2015:

Hold PDF forms of Anantha Vratham Slokas & Story but cannot attach here. And now for the first time Anantha comes to Middle-East this Pournami Day(night) (Day was Charthasi thidhi but evening was Pournami and today is a special full Moon). My Anantha: welcome Him with very simple Naivedyam along with husband.

Blessed to get not only fresh but also fragrant flowers. My small innovative make-shift Mandir custom-designed with wardrobe handles for doors and curtain stoppers for ‘Kalash’ ūüôā



Attaching here with photos of one of the rare poojas or vrathams observed in India: the ANANTHA VRATHAM, for Shri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy or Lord Vishnu. ¬† Believed to have been observed by Paanch Pandavs during their ‘van vaas’ and by ‘Nala’ of ‘Nala-Damayanthi’ fame and by King Harischandra in order to regain their lost glories/kingdoms, this is observed in the tamil month of Purattasi (Shravana month) in the Chaturdasi thidhi, a day before Pournami (full moon or poornima). ¬†Clicked on Sep 28th, friday, 2012 in my home. ¬† Did not call a pandit to do the pooja; did it myself, armed with some printed sloka materials. ¬†The final or second finishing part is on the poornima day or the next day.

For the occasion, i made Pooris, Jevvarisi Payasam (Sabudhana kheer), black pepper Vada, Idlis as offerings to the Lord. ¬† ¬†Had a very hearty pooja at home – very fulfilling. ¬†The high point of the Vratham is tying of a sacred red thread around right wrists (for men) or around neck (for women). ¬† Chiefly to be observed by men but then the men in my family are busy so i took it on my part to perform the pooja myself. ¬† ‘Work is worship’ says my hubby who wouldn’t wanna avail a day’s leave for those religious festivities for which there are no declared government holidays. ¬† Son was with me, thank God!

‘Ellorum inbutrirukka iruppadhuve allamal verondrum ariyen paraabarame’ – Anandha Vikatan. ¬†(all i know is nothing but bliss for everyone.)

‘Ellarum ellame peravendum; ingu illamai illadha nilai vendum.’ ¬†,…. (oh Lord), everyone must beget everything and there must be a dearth of scarcity here;

What a prayer indeed; but what a universal, selfless appeal!   This is my everyday prayer.

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