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how the so-called ‘old rich’ of today’s Chennai actually got rich in Madras history…

October 4, 2012

Have heard from my grandfather who died in 1991 (born 1918; he was a B.Com, graduate from Loyola college who used to ride his scooter to college in those days which was considered to be something stylish in his times!) how lakhs fled Madras city fearing Japanese bombing during the second world war that those who stayed back used to their maximum advantage.     Still mostly it was hearsay, or so i thought.  Now proof has emerged in my daily newspaper ‘The Hindu’ about this.

Without naming communities i would like to record here many of the so-called old-rich families of Madras could have actually become ‘old rich’ around this time…  err some substantial proof will emerge if one digs into the title deeds of their estates held close over generations within families…   who knows?


From → Dilli Durbar

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