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Navrathri Music

October 17, 2012

The one song that brings instant tears to my eyes:  dedicated to Mother Goddess Mookambika, the trinity of goddesses of wealth Lakshmi, goddess of wisdom Saraswathi and the goddess of valour and strength Shakthi,  by maestro Ilayaraja:

Janani Janani:

Been to Kollur which is mother Mookambika’s abode.  This song traces the history of Shankaracharya establishing the temple and also the one at Chotanikara in Kerala, near Kaladi.   Nice song speaking of the origins of two Shakthi Peeets – Kollur and Chottanikara.

My friday prayer and special Navratri chanting: SRI LALITHA SAHASRANAMAM (THE 1000 NAMES OF SRI LALITHA/SHAKTHI)

(this is part 1.  part 2 and part 3 follow). No intention of copyright violation. My request to anyone visiting my blog is NOT TO CLICK ON LINKS HERE BUT COPY & PASTE and open in a new window, even if I routinely check out and replace links de-activated because of You Tube privacy agreement rules.

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