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What’s happening to Indian men?

December 30, 2012

What’s happening to Indian men?

When i read about the brutal gangrape of a 23 year old paramedical girl in Delhi in a moving bus two weeks back in internet editions of desi newspapers, i wailed out.   The girl later dumped from the bus was found alive with her intestines hanging out.   A fighter out and out, the courageous soul survived for a record 13 days, with surgery after surgery performed on her, to recount the ordeal she was subjected to by the animals, to the magistrate and law enforcement officials, so that the criminal offenders could be brought to justice.   In the wee morning of saturday (today) she finally passed away peacefully (?) and perhaps  in death would make sure that the law pertaining to rapes and violent sexual assaults on women could be changed forever in this country.

This is the first time in Indian history that a private citizen was treated abroad at government expense, but the government had to move her out to Singapore to tone down the unprecedented nationwide protests in the wake of the heinous crime, with women activists and students and the common man coming together asking for swift dispensing of justice demanding amendments in the outdated existing laws that are proving to be insufficient in convicting offenders of such barbaric crimes (with rape carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years presently).

Justice delayed is justice denied as the saying goes.    From CNN to Euronews to even Pakistan and Bangladesh news channels, this is what i am watching,so its not that just our desi tv channels alone are debating the issue 24 hrs a day for over 2 weeks now; the entire world is watching as to how we are going to handle this crisis, as to whether the justice will be done to the victim of this heinous crime in the form of awarding of capital punishment to the perpetrators of this beastly crime, how the world’s largest democracy is going to fare in this acid test and whether we are a promising upwardly mobile mature nation or yet another chaotic third world nation after all,  whether there will be fasttrack courts for the offence that took place right in the heart of the capital city where the constitution sits, whether people’s movement can move a muscle in the ruling government, and whether laws will be amended favourably and in time, and law and order of the nation will thus be improved forever ensuring better and utmost protection to the women of this country.


I found asking myself the same question the columist asks here:  why is it happening at an alarming frequency in India these days?

Personally my opinion is, the Indian society is at crossroads today, with too much liberalism and progress thrust upon the uncertain middle-class who find it all too much to handle at the same time;

The progress and advancement of urban middle class indian women is exactly one such case.   Too much is happening too fast in India these days… with women making handsome strides be it in academics or chosen professions/workplaces, excelling over men bold and confident, that many men are finding themselves inadequate and wanting compared to these well accomplished modern Indian women that some of them must decide, ‘teaching the women the right lesson’ is the only course open to them to conquer them, vanquish them, show them their right place…. , could it be so?   Ofcourse there is no justification for men to get brutal or violent with the women on these grounds, but then one has to examine closely the male Indian psyche, see what is going wrong with that…  With male-female ratio falling drastically in the country, i am afraid the pattern we see might get worse with years if something drastic in the direction of law amendment is not done for the society’s benefit.

With family size shrinking like never before in India in last 2 decades, every little girl in the country is a princess growing up in a loving family, spoiled through out.   Whereas every Indian male has to update himself thoroughly these days if he has to look respectable in the eyes of cool, confident, well accomplished women of today’s India.  Not an easy task, and with men falling behind women in every sphere, days are going to get more testy.




Well  as an after-thought i am adding up this point.  The glaring inequality you see in distribution of income and wealth in India today is one more reason for a sudden spurt in violence against women in this country.  The ever-widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots is to blame because, at one end what we have is, frustrated rural illiterate or semi-illiterate population, stagnant and aware that they are doomed, which makes them a highly volatile lot.  Uneven distribution of wealth in any society can lead to increase in crime rates, India is not the only case.  While its conceded this is no justification for committing brutal crimes, why not ponder for a minute how much injustice the left-behinds are subject to that whenever opportunity presents itself before them where they can show their wrath, they lunge forward and exploit it?

If you are fellow Indian who has seen the endless Ration shop queues, labourers working in mines without adequate pay or insurance,  child labourers working shifts in restaurants and as domestic help etc, you can understand where the root of the problem lies.

I am not sympathetic by any chance to rapists and criminals.  But what really drives them to this extreme?



From → Dilli Durbar

  1. Utter, abject hatred of women drives a crime like this. The perps are hard-boiled criminals and they’ve been up to other crime, you can bet on it. Big picture: Immense, highly stratified society means lost in the crowd with little hope of ascent … and the excrement falls in a southerly direction upon the frustrated guys at the bottom. They take it out on women and girls.

  2. Very true. One of the criminals was indeed out on bail on a child sexual assault case.

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