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The Mahakumbh 2013

February 11, 2013

 ……  No two paths need be alike  ……     that one is most a Hindu when one is least a Hindu. Hinduism’s propensity to absorb a multitude of thoughts including even atheism makes it, at times, inscrutable to its own followers….

Wow that’s Nirvana i say!

Personally i would never take a dip in a polluted river even if its the very Ganga,  but that doesn’t stop me from being amazed at the millions and millions of believers taking the holy dip in Prayag, the Triveni Sangam (rechristined ‘Allahabad’ in moghul times – a sordid reminder of India’s gruesome past) for the world’s largest religious gathering Kumbh Mela held once in 12 years.

Read this beautiful blog on the MAHAKUMBH.

Not a believer in rituals 100%, i still wish our multitudes spare the poor river which spells the livelihood for millions of farmers, etc who live along its course.  Mahakumbh probably was great 2000 years back, may be 1000 years back, ok even 100 years back – but should we have it now in 21st century?

The blogger’s perspective cheers me up a little though.


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